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4 Reasons to Seal Your Grout

If you have had any tile surface recently regroutedrepairedcleaned, or newly installed, this is the perfect time to think about grout sealing.

It’s one more step that you may not want to deal with at this point, but it can make such a difference over the long run. Here are some of the top benefits of applying a sealer to your grout.

Longer Life

First and foremost, sealing is important because it can help you extend the life of your grout and tile. If you have already invested a lot of money in the right products, you need to protect them and help them look their best for years to come. A sealer will help you do that.

Clear the Dirt Away

Dirt, grime, and mold can easily mar an otherwise beautiful floor. They invade unprotected grout and leave your floors looking dull and dingy instead of clean and new. Sealed grout will keep dirt above the surface where it is easy to sweep away during routine cleaning.

Save Your Shower

Without proper sealing, the grout in your shower will be under heavy assault from water. Did you know that unprotected grout can absorb as much as a quart of water during a typical shower? That moisture can easily lead to mildew and mold. Grout sealing is the best prevention method.

Prevent Spreading

If your grout is invaded by moisture, the problem won’t end there. Once grout breaks down, it exposes wall and floor boards to potential water damage. This is when repairs go from manageable to very pricy. Sealing will help protect grout as well as the surrounding structure of your home.

Grout sealing is one of the many specialties of The Grout Medic. We will give your grout a good cleaning and follow it up with a sealer that will lock in beauty and provide protection from dirt, water, and mold for years to come.