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Protect Your Grout with the Sealing Services at Grout Medic

Have you just moved into a lovely new home? One with a shiny bathroom, clean tiles, and pristine white grout? Or you may be one of those who have invested in grout cleaning, getting the years of bacteria and grime out of that porous substance between the tiles. Either way, you want to keep it that way by preserving the fresh look of your bathroom. Grout sealing is the way to go.

The following is a brief introduction to grout sealing, the benefits of the service, and how we at the Grout Medic can do the job for you.

What Exactly Is Grout Sealing?

Grout plays an essential job in your bathroom. It keeps the tiles in place and prevents moisture and water from getting in behind the tiles. Without it, the tiles would soon come loose and water would also soak into the structure of the bathroom walls. Grout is a porous substance and over time it soaks up the steam, dirt, and product particles in the air. This will eventually show itself as a black coating on your grout, essentially bacteria growing where you don’t want it.

After a session of grout cleaning and grout repair, the Grout Medic technicians apply a sealant to the grout. Instead of it soaking up dirt and moisture as before it will all simply wash away. To keep the sealant clean you will need to wipe it with a cloth and a neutral PH grout and tile cleaner during your weekly cleaning routine. Grout sealing preserves the grout and protects the tiles.

What Are the Benefits of Grout Sealing?

You can’t underestimate the benefits of grout sealing. The bathroom grout will no longer have a porous surface. Water, steam, dirt and product will bounce off the grout and wash harmlessly away. The bacterial growth, which you saw previously, will not occur and the bathroom will be a healthy, clean place to be.

Grout sealing protects the tiles too. Water will not be able to seep in behind the tile and undermine the wall structure. On the floor, tiles will not crack as quickly and you will be unlikely to get any leaks into the rooms below. The tile grout will not chip, and you will not have to spend time and money on grout repair every few years.

The benefits outweigh the costs in many ways.

Does Grout Sealing Take Long to Do?

We recommend that you do the grout sealing at the same time you do the grout cleaning. This way you will get the two jobs done at the same time, but you will also get the fresh, clean grout protected from day one. You should also do it after doing any grout repair work. Depending on the size of your bathroom the Grout Medic technicians will be in and out in a matter of hours.

Grout Sealing Makes Sense

A fresh, clean and protected bathroom tile area will look great. Your bathroom will be like new again and the investment will add value to the home. In the long term you will find it easier to keep the bathroom tiles clean.

The benefits of not having any behind-the-scenes damage occurring to the structure of the bathroom will save you a lot of money. The health benefits to your family of not having to breathe infected air in the bathroom could be priceless.

The US home cleaning product market generates over $61Billion annually. Reduce your part of the spend by cleaning and sealing your bathroom grout with the Grout Medic.





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