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Why You Should Never Put Off Water Damage Repair

Whether it’s a leaky pipe somewhere that worsens gradually, or takes the form of a catastrophic flood, water damage is one of the major causes of property loss, and can also be extremely hazardous to your health. Most water damage occurs silently, which makes it all the more devastating. By the time you’ve noticed that you have a water damage problem, expensive repairs may already be unavoidable. You could easily find yourself replacing entire flooring sections at great cost and inconvenience. Deteriorating or missing caulking and grout allows water to seep underneath the tiled surfaces and loosen the tiles over time. Accumulated moisture can create an environment where mold and mildew can thrive, leading to health problems. Here are the main reasons you shouldn’t put off water damage repair in your home.

Water Damage Can Spread Quickly

What might seem like a relatively minor leak of just a few drops can easily escalate into massive water damage. Make sure you periodically check all tiled surfaces for evidence of staining and hollow tiles, which might indicate that you have a leak somewhere nearby. Tap on each tile with a coin and listen for the hollow sound; if you do find a hollow spot, have it removed and replaced with fresh tile and grout or caulking before the damage can spread. In the long run it’s incredibly effective for preventing minor leaks from becoming more widespread.

Potential Flooding

As appliances age, especially the dishwasher and washing machine, their plumbing connection hoses can deteriorate and break, resulting in a massive amount of water spilling into your home. Be sure to regularly check up on the appliances in your house, especially those around tiled surfaces in the kitchen or laundry area. It’s a good idea to develop a maintenance program, including the regular inspection of appliances for weaknesses resulting from long-term use. Replace any hoses that are between three to five years old, depending on their condition.

Water Damage Repair

While everyone should be able to handle a certain degree of water damage maintenance themselves, it’s always a good idea to enlist professional help, At The Grout Medic, we’re committed to helping you protect your tiled surfaces from the unfortunate effects of water damage. Our experts are trained to identify water damage, determine the source, and stop it before it can negatively impact your home.

For more information about how to prevent water damage to tile and grout areas, or if you need to replace a water-damaged tiled surface, please contact The Grout Medic for a free consultation.