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Restore Your Grout to Its Sparkling, Clean Condition with Our Grout Cleaning Service

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services to clients to help them keep their homes looking sparkling new. Caulking, water damage repair, and tile regrouting services are just a small sampling of what we offer. If your tiles are looking dingy or in need of repair, it’s probably time for the experts at The Grout Medic to take a look before you foot the astronomical bill for total replacement. We specialize in restoring your countertops, showers, tile floors, and other surfaces so they look brand new. Here are a few ways our grout cleaning services can help your home look good as new.  

Grout Cleaning Service

There are several ways your tile surfaces can become dirty. Careful do-it-yourself cleanings typically aren’t enough to truly keep them fresh. Since tile and grout are both porous surfaces, they easily trap dirt and stains, and it can be hard to remove these blemishes with store-bought products. The Grout Medic utilizes green grout cleaning steam technology to give these surfaces a thorough deep clean that leaves them sparkling fresh, without exposing you or your family to hazardous chemicals. We even offer a treatment designed to seal your grout and tile, making your regular cleaning and our grout cleaning service easier in the future.

Recaulking and Water Damage Repair

If your shower is looking grimy, or it’s been a while since you’ve replaced the caulk seal between the tub and the wall, you might be a victim of water damage. Caulk loses its elasticity over time, becoming hard and dry, and when this happens water can leak behind the caulk and seep into the walls, causing water damage and loose tiles. Not only can The Grout Medic use our grout cleaning services to recaulk your shower with a high-quality seal, we can repair any existing water damage that may have occurred beforehand.

Tile Repair and Regrouting Services

We know that sometimes your tile surfaces need more than just a cleaning. If your grout is severely damaged or discolored, it’s common to believe that you need to replace the entire surface. The Grout Medic, however, can target your old grout, remove it and replace it. This goes a long way toward improving the appearance of your surfaces without necessitating a total replacement. The Grout Medic can also help you extend the life of your tile surface by repairing and replacing tiles. You can rest assured that the color and texture of the replaced tiles will perfectly match the rest of the floor’s tile design. Our services are designed to help homeowners dramatically enhance the beauty of their tiles without the expense of total replacement.


Cleaning, maintenance, and tile grout cleaning services are often necessary for homeowners looking to secure the appearance and longevity of their home. Visit our website to learn about the other ways we can improve the appearance of your tile surfaces.