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Our Suite of Services Gets the Job Done

These days, people are busier than ever, which is why at The Grout Medic, we’re proud to offer a suite of services that meet a variety of needs, all under one roof. In fact, when it comes to anything having to do with tile and grout, we like to think we’re the tile cleaning company that does it all. Color sealing? Check. Recaulking? Yup. Repair and replace? You got it! No matter what condition your tiled surfaces are in, we are the tile cleaning company of experts who can get the job done.

Who We Are

The Grout Medic are tile experts, plain and simple. We are a leading tile cleaning company because we know how to get the job done and are trusted to do so in a timely, thorough and professional manner. The Grout Medic technician is trained to perform services on your existing grout and tile surfaces using the very latest in technology and techniques to clean, repair or replace, and can spot trouble ahead of time, saving you money. We make sure to provide you with a written estimate for every job, and our fully insured technicians have provided friendly service to customers that range from the average homeowner to the Fortune 500 company.

What We Do

When it comes to tile and grout, there’s very little we can’t do. From a simple cleaning to regrouting, recaulking, repairing, or replacing, the Grout Medic expert performs his job with only one goal in mind: to leave the customer completely satisfied. We know that a home or business represents an important investment by the owner of that property, so we make sure to treat the job of improving its tiled surfaces as a serious one. This is especially true when dealing with water damage, an issue that can cause serious concern to anyone having to deal with it. Repairing the damage caused by water that collects behind tiled surfaces is important because if left unchecked, it can cause potential health hazards, in the way of mold and mildew, and lead to more costly repairs down the road. Our technicians know how to remove and replace water-damaged areas, keeping you safe and your home or office looking their very best.

How We Do It

Today, there’s a lot of emphasis on the environment, especially when it comes to green cleaning techniques. People don’t want to expose themselves, their loved ones, or their pets to anything that might make them, or the planet, sick. That’s why The Grout Medic is proud to employ steam vapor technology which is, by its very nature, is green. We know the value of peace of mind, and while our competitors might not think twice about relying on harsh chemicals, abrasives, or solvents that are environmentally unfriendly, we use the power of steam to leave your home or office safe and residue-free.

No matter what kind of attention your tile or grout might need, we are your tile cleaning company to get the job done. Contact us today for your free estimate.