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Replace, Repair, Regrout and More — We Do It All!

At Grout Medic, we’re proud to offer a suite of grout and tile services that can address almost any problem you might have with your tiled surfaces — and tile replacement is just the beginning. Whether you’re looking to revive the look of your tile, change out the color of your grout, or seal it to protect against staining, our trained technicians are experts at getting the job done right. Let’s take a closer look at some of the services your local Grout Medic has to offer and how they can potentially save you thousands of dollars while adding new life to your tiled surfaces.

Tile Replacement

Chipped, cracked, or broken tiles can ruin the whole look of a tiled surface — and present safety hazards, depending on where those tiles are located. But property owners are often hesitant to do anything about tile replacement because they’re concerned it will involve too much mess and money, and result in a mismatched look. But no worries! The Grout Medic team are experts at safely and gently removing broken tile and replacing it with new ones that will match perfectly with existing tile, resulting in a seamless appearance. Our process is affordable and quick, allowing you to enjoy the look of a refreshed tiled surface without the mess or expense of completely retiling your floor, shower, or backsplash.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage is a serious issue that should never be overlooked. When water gets trapped behind a tile surface that has been compromised, it can lead to structural damage that can be very costly to repair. Perhaps worse than that, it can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and both of are known health hazards. If you suspect water damage in your home or business, it’s important to contact experts like The Grout Medic to deal with it right away. We can remove and replace only the affected areas, refreshing your showers, tubs, or kitchen surfaces, giving them new life while protecting your family from the hazards mold and mildew.


Tiled showers or countertops often develop missing, discolored, or damaged grout that can leave these surfaces looking tired and worn. But regrouting the area will bring it back to life and extend the life of your tile. The experts at Grout Medic can safely remove and dispose of old grout without causing any damage to the tile, and can apply clean grout to the area, making it look like new again. Regrouting not only refreshes the appearance of tile but creates a tight seal around each piece, protecting it against water damage and extending the life of your tiled surface.

Too often, property owners think they have to retile an entire area in order to make it look attractive again. But our services include many quick and affordable ways to revitalize a tiled area without having to start from scratch, saving you money and adding value to your home or business.


If you’re interested in tile replacement, or any other of our services, get in touch with us today!