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What Not to do When Cleaning Your Tile and Grout

For the ultimate in tile and grout cleaning, call The Grout Medic. We will fully revitalize your tile and grout’s appearance.

Whether you are getting into spring cleaning mode, or simply planning your weekly cleaning tasks, you might find yourself looking for the best ways to clean your tiled surfaces.  Showers and busy kitchens with tiled surfaces can quickly become points of concern when it comes to maintaining a clean appearance and contaminant-free grout.  What does The Grout Medic recommend NOT doing to keep your tile and grout clean?

tile and grout cleaning by The Grout Medic

Do not rely on home remedies for your tile and grout cleaning

In the era of to-the-minute information sharing on social media outlets, you have likely run across DIY household cleaning mixtures.  From all-natural, homemade laundry detergents to deep cleaning solutions, the Internet is chock full of recommendations for keeping your home clean.  One such tub and shower cleaning recommendation is a mixture of Dawn® dish detergent and vinegar.  While this solution might be okay for fiberglass shower surrounds, and even glass shower doors, it is UNSAFE for your grout and tile.  Vinegar is acidic.  Your grout and tile should never be cleaned with any other than a pH balanced solution.

tile cleaning by The Grout Medic

Do not clean grout and tile with a scouring brush or pad

It’s natural to see soiled surfaces in our homes and determine they must be cleaned with strong scouring tools.  We automatically believe that our very dirty grout and tile require tough tools and lots of elbow grease to properly clean them.  Not only will using scouring brushes or pads abrade your tile (especially smooth surfaces), they will damage your grout.  The damage caused by scrubbing your grout might result in the early breakdown of your grout, and the brush or pad will still NOT remove the embedded dirt.

Do not use harsh shower cleaners for your tile and grout cleaning

Even if your cleaner specifies that it is made for shower cleaning, it is likely too harsh for your grout and tile.  Furthermore, even using a soft towel or sponge for shower cleaning with these harsh chemicals DOES NOT achieve a truly clean tiled surface.  The cleaners might work to loosen surface dirt, but towels and sponges, while removing some of the dirt, will transfer dirt from the tile and embed it into your grout.  While your tile might appear clean, your grout could harbor even more dirt in its pores than before you cleaned.

grout cleaning by The Grout Medic

What should you do for clean tile and grout?

Call your local The Grout Medic for an in-home grout and tile cleaning estimate.  Enjoy their flexible and friendly service call schedule.  Allow The Grout Medic’s GREEN grout and tile cleaning system to completely refresh and revitalize your tiled surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals or scouring tools.  No at-home cleaning remedies – just 100% distilled hot water vapor!

Not all tile and grout cleaning projects are a DIY project. Make sure to call the local professionals at The Grout Medic for tile and grout cleaning services. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!