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Does The Grout Medic sanitize grout?

At 310°F, The Grout Medic’s grout steam cleaning will eviscerate germs, bacteria and viruses from your grout.

We are about one week into the spring season, and many of us are spending a lot of time at home. If you find yourself making a springtime cleaning to-do list, don’t forget to include a professional grout and tile cleaning by The Grout Medic. Free up cleaning time, save money on harsh household cleaners, and enjoy the beautiful and healthy results that only a professional grout and tile cleaning can deliver!

tile grout steam cleaning
Our grout cleaning service rejuvenates and disinfects

Does The Grout Medic sanitize grout? Yes, we do!

Aside from the fact that deep grout and tile cleaning procedures we commonly perform ourselves are inadequate, they likely also under-perform on true sanitization. If you are looking for a grout cleaning process that not only delivers like-new results for your floors, countertops, showers, and backsplashes but also sanitizes those surfaces, it’s time to call The Grout Medic. How does The Grout Medic sanitize grout?

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grout steam cleaning by The Grout Medic
The Grout Medic can sanitize and deodorize any tiled surface

We sanitize grout with low-pressure, hot water vapor grout cleaning, and it’s 100% safe for your entire family.

You see, the germs that reside in tiled areas are not just present in the visible surface discoloration. The porous nature of your grout allows bacteria to gather deep within. Everyday surface cleaning methods that we use for our grout and tile will only work to remove some of the surface grime and might even further embed germs and bacteria into the pores of your grout. Trust The Grout Medic’s professional grout and tile technicians to literally blast away the ick that lurks beneath the surface of your grout with our proprietary grout cleaning system! Our professional grout cleaning service is perfect for homes and businesses of any size, and for any tile material or location.

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Commercial grout and tile cleaning by The Grout Medic

Take a look at our grout cleaning procedures in action!

The Grout Medic’s high-heat (310°F), low-pressure grout steam cleaning will sterilize your grout and remove all discoloring agents, in just one day! Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!