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Why We Are Different from Other Tile and Grout Cleaning Companies

The Grout Medic utilizes low-pressure grout cleaning that won’t damage or destroy your grout.  Most other tile and grout cleaning companies use high-pressure equipment.

If you need a professional tile and grout cleaning, you have probably noticed that you have a choice in grout cleaning companies.  Sure, there are some companies are much larger and well-known but do those companies have a primary focus in cleaning grout and tile?  The Grout Medic was created around the need for true grout and tile specialized care.  Over our years in business, we have grown to be one of the most trusted sources for grout care.

tile and grout cleaning company

The Grout Medic’s grout and tile cleaning process will make your tile shine

How is The Grout Medic different from other tile and grout cleaning companies?

First and foremost, rest assured that our grout cleaning procedures are safe for your entire family.  Our methods are non-toxic, harbor no fumes or harsh chemicals, and are safe for the environment too!

The Grout Medic tile and grout cleaning company

See the difference with safely cleaned tile and grout by The Grout Medic

Secondly, but no less important, is that our portable grout cleaning system uses low-pressure vapor to clean your grout and tile – SAFELY.  Even for the dirtiest grout, low pressure is absolutely essential.  Just like you would not want to scrub your marble tile with a wire brush to clean it, we do not want to use high pressure to loosen embedded dirt and contaminants from your grout.  At 600 to 800psi, our hot water, low-pressure vapor is just right for safely cleaning your grout and any type of tile.  Industrial cleaners with larger, truck-mounted systems might use 1,500 or even 3,000psi steam cleaning.  While this is great for cleaning large equipment, sidewalks, and other exterior surfaces, it should never be applied to your grout and tile.

tile and grout cleaning companies

Choose The Grout Medic, a specialized grout and tile cleaning company

Choose The Grout Medic as your tile cleaning company for safely cleaned grout and tile.

No matter the size of your project or condition of your grout and tile, The Grout Medic offers a safe and effective cleaning solution.  If we determine that your grout is too aged with embedded stains that will not come out with regular cleaning, we will recommend regrouting.  Our grout cleaning consultation will allow our grout and tile specialists to prescribe the best solution to your particular problem.  Your consultation can be easily scheduled to accommodate your busy life, and only takes about a half-hour.

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tile and grout cleaning by The Grout Medic

Commercial grout and tile cleaning by The Grout Medic

Find out The Grout Medic difference and what makes us different from other tile and grout cleaning companies. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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