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Affordable Grout and Tile Cleaning for a Show-Ready Home

As many U.S. locales begin their reopening procedures, real estate listings and live home showings will begin again.  Is your home show-ready?

When it comes to selling your home, to-do lists can seem insurmountable.  Real estate experts recommend creating a sales strategy to start.  Some recommendations will make your home sell faster.  Some simple fixes will help you get a better selling price.  Some will do both!  At The Grout Medic, we know that a clean home is a show-ready home.

grout tile cleaning showing home for sale

Make your home appeal to the masses with professional grout and tile cleaning.

You are likely familiar with recommendations for making your home show well.  Curb appeal is probably the first thing we all think of, as we first must get buyers through the door.  A tidy yard, with splashes of floral color, and fresh paint or stain on the front door will invite interested buyers inside.  Hosting an open house will sell a home an average of seven days faster and garner an average of $9,000 more in sale price than not having one.  Whether you plan to have an open house or not, your home must be clean.  This means decluttering, taking out as many personalization elements as possible, and deep cleaning every surface of your home.  This includes windows, floors, baseboards, ceiling fans, and very importantly – tile in your kitchen and bathrooms.

You don’t have to renovate your bathroom or kitchen to make your home show better, but figuratively getting them to shine means literally making them shine!  The Grout Medic’s affordable grout and tile cleaning will make the tiled surfaces in your home stand out to buyers.

grout tile cleaning for bathroom

The added benefit to grout and tile cleaning, is that it will be cleaner and fresher while you are still living in your home.  The Grout Medic’s green grout and tile cleaning technology will blast out dirt build-up, mold, and mildew using simple tap water vapor.  Our grout sealing process after cleaning will help you keep your grout clean between showings too!

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Check a pre-sell item off your to-do list by calling on The Grout Medic.

If you are selling your home, deferring your grout and tile cleaning to the professionals at The Grout Medic will not only ensure that your tiled surfaces are properly disinfected, it will free up your time to address other items.  If you are ready to enlist the most trusted and respected grout and tile experts in the business, find a Grout Medic location near you here.

The Grout Medic’s deep grout and tile clean will have your home show-ready in only a day’s time! Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!