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Why Regrouting is Best Left to The Grout Medic

Are you are looking for DIY tutorials for “how to re-grout my tile?”  Tile regrouting is a fantastic way to revitalize any tiled area in your home.  The Grout Medic will take this potential DIY project right off your hands, and give you guaranteed professional regrouting results.

In the age of weekend warrior home improvement projects and television shows that highlight said projects, homeowners are seeking low-cost, do-it-yourself solutions for enhancing their homes.  The issue with online home improvement tutorials and TV shows, is that many times they do not represent potentially exorbitant cost and effort it takes to complete specialized home renovation projects.  If you are considering a do-it-yourself regrouting project, here’s what you will need to do.

How do I regrout my tile?

Tile regrouting requires specialized tools and techniques.

If you are going to regrout your tile, you must first remove your old grout.  Grout removal will require a reciprocating saw or oscillating tool.  If you do not have one, or have never used one, you might reconsider regrouting your tile, and call on The Grout Medic.  Our company specializes in tile regrouting, and we have the tools, training, and experience to properly remove your old grout before applying new grout.  If you are going to move forward with your regrouting project as a do-it-yourself venture, know that grout removal is a meticulous process, which requires the utmost precision to remove all remnants of grout without harming the edges of your tile.

How do I re-grout my tile?

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Once all your old grout is removed, you must vacuum up the entire area, wipe it down, and allow it to dry before applying new grout.  Do not allow pieces of old grout or other debris to impede your new grout application.  If old grout remains on your tile edges or dirt and debris infiltrate your grout application, the new grout will not adhere properly.  Over time you could experience water seepage in wet areas and an eventual water damage repair project.

Applying new grout.  Which grout is best?

Achieving professional results for your regrouting project will also require that you select the proper grout for your project.  Depending on your type of tile, the width of your grout lines, and the area that you wish to re-grout, you will choose one of the following types of grout: unsanded, fine-sanded, quarry-type sanded, or epoxy.  Choose the color of grout that you desire for your finished aesthetic.  Grout will be liberally applied with a grout float.  Excess grout will be wiped from the tile with a damp cloth.  Once the area has received the grout, wipe the cloudy film from your tile.  The Grout Medic provides grout sealing with our regrouting projects, and if you are going to regrout your tiled surface, we highly recommend that you too, apply grout sealer.  We work quickly and efficiently, completing most any re-grout project in a day’s time, meaning you will be able to use your tiled area again the next day.  We guarantee professional results, which is another reason many homeowners choose to hire us to re-grout their tile, rather than going it alone.

how to regrout my tile

While it is possible to re-grout your tile on your own, you could be hit with a much lengthier and project than you thought.  The process for grout removal, re-application, and sealing could seem a daunting process to the layman, and it can become more than you bargained for.  You might also find it frivolous to purchase special tools and sundries, which you will only use once.  In the end, you might find that regrouting is best left to The Grout Medic professionals.

If you have been searching, “How to re-grout my tile,” considering a DIY regrouting project, reconsider.  The Grout Medic provides top-quality grout and tile rejuvenation services with professional results, every time. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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