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It’s Best to be Proactive When it Comes to Tile Water Damage Repair

For tile water damage repair, make sure to rely on a specialized tile contractor. The Grout Medic is here for your tile water damage repair needs.

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  We tend to our homes in many ways that will allay bigger problems and expenses down the road. We replace broken windows to avoid wasting energy.  We insulate water pipes to prevent breakage in cold temperatures.  We clean out gutters to ensure that we have proper water diversion. The Grout Medic’s tile contractors address many tile water damage repair projects, which have been put off over a period of time.  Homeowners often do not realize that one broken shower tile, or breached area of caulk can result in catastrophic water damage.  If you have grout, tile, or caulk that is in disrepair, it’s best to address it in haste.  The Grout Medic is a top provider of tile repair, regrouting, and recaulking services, which will help you maintain the tiled surfaces in your home, and prevent future water damage repair expenses.

tile water damage repair

Our tile and grout repair services can allay water damage repairs.

Small Tile Water Damage Repair Service

Even smaller water damage repair projects can cause major stress.  It’s easy for tile and grout damage to go unnoticed, especially around faucets.  This area in our showers and baths is used with each shower, bath, and weekly cleaning.  The impact around our faucets can cause small cracks in our grout, which over time, allow water to seep behind our tile.  A little water with each use will begin to do more damage than you might imagine!  Fortunately, The Grout Medic is versed in small water damage repair.  We will remove the offending tile and grout, repair the areas behind, and reinstall your tile.

Homeowners should thoroughly inspect their showers with each periodic cleaning, to identify any missing grout, chipped tiles, or even loosening caulk.  This simple procedure could help quickly address potential issues that could result in water damage around showers and tubs.  A simpler recaulking or regrouting could save a lot of worry, time, and money in the future!

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tile water damage restoration

The Grout Medic will remedy your tile water damage.

Large Water Damage Repair Service

If your shower or bath requires more extensive water damage repair, The Grout Medic can answer the call.  When large sections of walls or flooring are involved, we will remove the damaged elements, replace or repair the structure and insulation behind your tile, and replace your tile anew.  Some of our clients seek out bathroom re-installation companies for these types of repairs.  We implore you to contact your locally-owned Grout Medic first, for a no-obligation, in-home tile water damage repair consultation.  There could be no need to cover your beautiful tile with a solid acrylic bathtub installation.  If you would like to save the tile you love, The Grout Medic will confirm whether our water damage repair solution will allow you to do that.  If your bath or shower is a great candidate for our water damage repair service, we will likely be able to complete your project in one visit – just like the other guys!  The best part is, you can continue to enjoy your beautiful tile for many years to come!

tile water damage repair and restoration

Our water damage repair can be completed in one visit.

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Water damage around tile is something that should be addressed and rectified sooner rather than later. You can rely on The Grout Medic for all your tile water damage repair needs with peace of mind in knowing we are a nationally-backed tile repair organization. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!