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When it Comes to Grout Cleaning Companies, Who You Hire Matters

If you’re searching for a grout cleaning company, make sure to hire a reputable, insured provider. Failing to do so may cost you in the long run.

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Home cleaning companies do not specialize in cleaning grout

Some of the most common complaints in the home services industry are lack of communication, unclear pricing, and poor quality service.  The Grout Medic was born from a true need in grout and tile care – for home and business owners alike.  You see, there are many tile installers.  There are many large-scale home renovation companies.  There were no companies, whose focus was solely on caring for grout and tile after installation.  There were no tile and grout companies, who sought to perform small-scale repair projects to avoid unnecessary whole-room renovations.  Enter The Grout Medic, your locally owned and operated grout and tile care experts!

A grout cleaning company in your town.

reputable grout cleaning companies

Choose the most reputable among grout cleaning companies – choose The Grout Medic

You will find The Grout Medic tile and grout cleaning companies throughout the United States, with locally-owned franchises in about 20 states.  If you are considering hiring a home cleaning company to clean your grout and tile, consider your local Grout Medic first.  Professional home cleaning companies might offer everything from light weekly cleaning to deep cleaning services around your home.  They can make your floors and windows shine, no doubt, but they do not specialize in tile and grout.  They will perhaps use cleaning agents that can damage your grout and tile.  Common shower cleaning products that contain bleach and ammonia can disparage the appearance and structure of your tiled surfaces.

Not all grout cleaning companies are the same.

reputable grout cleaning company

We provide grout and tile cleaning and so much more

Some grout cleaning providers perform this service as an add-on to their specialized carpet and upholstery cleaning offering.  If you are searching for a reputable grout cleaning specialty provider, choose The Grout Medic.  Our cleaning process focuses on giving you guaranteed results, all while providing the safest grout cleaning service to enhance and extend the life of your grout.  Additionally, each of Grout Medic location has fully trained grout and tile cleaning technicians.  They are armed with the knowledge to provide you the best service available.  This means you will receive top-notch communication, exact pricing for your project, and kind and courteous care throughout your project.  Our technicians are trained to diagnose grout maladies, and offer the best possible solutions for care, repair, and rejuvenation.

We offer licensed and insured grout and tile services.

When you hire a locally-owned The Grout Medic to perform your yearly or twice-yearly grout cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that we are licensed and insured to provide the service.  When it comes for caring for the tiled surfaces throughout your home, a bit of due diligence will go a long way.  You can check the state licensing status of, and ask for proof of insurance for, any home services provider.  If either of these is in poor standing, do not hire them.  Each Grout Medic franchise maintains state-issued home renovation licensure, as well as full insurance for your protection.

We are not just a grout cleaning company.

While The Grout Medic wants to be your go-to for all your grout and tile cleaning needs, we offer so much more.  Our tile re-grouting, tile repair, and grout color staining services will save you time and money over larger tile renovation projects.  Many of our locations also offer water damage repair, where water has been allowed to penetrate tiled surfaces around showers and bathtubs.  If you are looking at a tile rejuvenation project in your home or business, call on The Grout Medic before hiring a major home renovation company.  If your tile can be saved, The Grout Medic can save it!

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When searching for a grout cleaning company, make the smart choice and rely on the premier tile and grout cleaning experts at The Grout Medic. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!