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Can you use Clorox® to clean tile grout?

The use of Clorox® to clean your grout is something we don’t recommend. It should only be used in extreme cases and sparingly when it is used.

cleaned grout using Clorox bleach

Cleaning tile grout with Clorox is not the surefire solution you might think.

We admit it.  When we have a household surface, which is extremely stained and dirty, the first thing we want to do is grab the most powerful cleaner we have on-hand.  Most times, this equates to bleach, or products containing bleach.  At The Grout Medic, we know that Clorox is not a safe everyday grout cleaner.  If you are considering using Clorox to clean tile grout, we ask you to reconsider.

Why shouldn’t you use Clorox for grout cleaning?

There are a few reasons that we advise against the overuse of bleach when cleaning grout and tile.  As specialized grout and tile service providers, we believe the biggest reason not to use Clorox to clean tile grout is that it can be very damaging.  Using bleach liberally for your everyday shower cleaning routine will work to erode and even discolor your grout.  You must also consider your precious tile and shower surround.  If you have glass doors with a stainless steel or aged bronze trim, getting bleach on it could damage it on the spot – leaving nasty marks and discoloration.  This goes for shower heads and faucets too!

The misconceptions surrounding cleaning grout with bleach.

If you are using a high-powered cleaning solution, such as Clorox, it must be really getting your grout clean, right?  Well, yes, if needed for spot cleaning on occasion, bleach will likely get the stain out of your grout.  However, using Clorox for your everyday grout cleaning will not rid your grout of mold.  Mold growth deep within the pores of your grout cannot be defeated with Clorox bleach.  Bleach will not kill mold.  It gives us a false sense of security by bleaching the moldy stain.  The spores are still there, and are still releasing into the air in your home.  The only difference is, after cleaning, you think it’s gone, because you cannot see it!

Don’t use Clorox to clean tile grout.  Call The Grout Medic instead!

The Grout Medic can help you get rid of your Clorox bleach grout cleaning habit!  Our solution is so safe, yet so simple, it’s brilliant.  Unlike bleach, our 100% tile and grout safe grout cleaning system will defeat the mold in your grout.  If you are in search of safer household cleaning methods, our professional grout cleaning is just what you need to get started.  With one professional grout steam cleaning service, your grout will be rid of dirt, mildew, and mold.  After our technician cleans your grout, they will apply a clear grout sealer, which will create a barrier to allay future build-up of dirt, mold, and mildew.  The grout sealant will also make your weekly grout cleaning ritual much easier.  Therefore, no harsh chemicals will be required to get it to a gleaming clean!  Easier cleaning equates longer grout life too.  For high-use showers, we recommend professional grout cleaning twice a year.  Guest bathrooms should be cleaned and protected once a year.

professional grout cleaning without Clorox bleach

We never use Clorox to clean tile grout.

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Don’t risk discoloring your grout or ruining your tile and grout’s seal by using caustic chemicals like Clorox® bleach. Call The Grout Medic at 866-994-7688 or contact us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!