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Leave Tile Repair to the Professionals at The Grout Medic

Professional tile repair will ultimately save you money compared to a DIY tile repair project.

First things first.  If you have noticed tile in disrepair, and are ready to address it – that’s a good thing!  The faster broken or loose tiles are tended to, the better.  Fixing a rickety tile quickly will prevent further damage to your tiled surface, but it should not be thought of as a quick-fix.  And even if you find yourself with extra free time to see to home improvement projects, perhaps tile repair should not be one that you add to your to-do list.  Repairing tile takes a professional touch, though it might seem a simple do-it-yourself task.  For professional tile repair results, call The Grout Medic.

tile repair by The Grout Medic

Choose tile repair by The Grout Medic over DIY

What can go wrong with DIY tile repair?

There are a few common issues that The Grout Medic locations address when correcting DIY tile repair attempts.  First, is proper cutting.  Some homeowners find cutting to the proper size without damaging the tile to be difficult.  Others do not achieve proper adherence, which leads to a loosening tile soon after the DIY project is over.  If this happens, you will end up paying for the project twice.  By calling The Grout Medic first, you can forego the potential for overspending your tile repair budget.  Not to mention the time and worry you will save!

tile repair project before after

Tile repair project by The Grout Medic

Why choose The Grout Medic as your professional tile repair company?

The Grout Medic’s tile repair teams deploy seven days a week across the U.S. to make these seemingly-simple tile repairs.  Put their knowledge and experience to work for professional tile repair results – no damaged tiles, properly adhered to your wall or floor for a beautiful long-lasting finish!  Grout and tile care and repair services are all we do, and we do them well.

tile repair replacement by The Grout Medic

Tile repair & replacement by The Grout Medic

Do you offer tile repair near me?

If you have a Grout Medic location near you, you are one step in the right direction!  Not sure if you do?  Check our tile repair locations HERE.  Don’t worry if you have never worked with The Grout Medic for your tile care and repair needs.  You will be in great hands.  Our goal is to get your tiled surfaces back to their original glory with as little time and effort from you as possible.  We have a streamlined process, which helps us serve you better.  It’s easy to schedule your in-home consultation, which will only take about a half-hour to complete.  When our technician leaves your home, you will have a complete quote in-hand, detailing the total cost of your project.  Then, all you have to do is call to schedule your service, which will be performed in only one visit!

Contact The Grout Medic and claim your free consultation. We’ll help determine if you’d benefit from tile repair or require tile replacement. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!