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At The Grout Medic, Service is Just as Important as Grout Cleaning

Leave your grout cleaning services to the licensed and insured grout cleaning professionals at The Grout Medic.

Cleaning grimy grout and tile is a core service at The Grout Medic.  Home and business owners alike, are often amazed at their results.  Many don’t realize their true need for professional grout cleaning services until they see their grout’s true color beaming through once we finish their project.  While we guarantee professional results, it’s not just the results that set our service apart from the rest.  Why should you hire The Grout Medic for grout cleaning near you?

before and after grout cleaning service

Results like this are achievable with thorough our exemplary service.

Our grout and tile cleaning technicians are top-notch!

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, all The Grout Medic’s locations are licensed and insured contractors in their home territories.  When you hire us to clean your tiled surfaces, you can rest easy knowing that we have the legal authority to perform the work, and that you are covered in the event of an unforeseen issue.  Each of our technicians is a direct The Grout Medic employee or franchise owner.  They have extensive training on the cleaning equipment and procedures that will be used to perform your project.  Other companies cannot say the same about their own services or grout cleaning service technicians.

What kind of service can you expect from The Grout Medic for your grout and tile care?

Each The Grout Medic location strives to be the very best at what they do.  This means providing a fantastic client experience, in addition to fabulous cleaning results.  We want each client to have a positive home improvement experience with our company.  Each of our locations is owned by service-minded folks, who enjoy providing positive experiences and creating long-standing client relationships.  We want to be the company you call every time your tiled areas need attention.  Whether that be a regularly-scheduled cleaning or specialty repair service, such as tile repair or regrouting.  No matter which of our territories you live in, we aim to provide the best technical execution and custom service possible.

grout cleaning services review

Recent grout and tile services review in St. Louis

How do you know it’s time for professional grout cleaning service?

We recommend professional cleaning and sealing at least every two years.  For high-traffic floors, busy kitchen backsplashes, and showers with a seemingly revolving door, you might require cleaning more often.  If you notice that one or more areas of your grout are beginning to appear discolored, it’s time for a cleaning and sealing to prevent further discoloration.  If you are finding it difficult to get stains out with your regular cleaning, it’s time to call on The Grout Medic.  Pay special attention to the grout inside your showers and baths, because where there is a wet environment, there could also be mildew and mold.  If you suspect your shower has mold, it’s time to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation!

before after grout cleaning service

Our grout cleaning will obliterate dirt, mildew, and mold!

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When in need of grout cleaning services, rely on your local The Grout Medic to ensure your tile looks as good as new once the project is complete. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!