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Why Your Shower’s Failing Caulking May End Up Costing You Severely

Failure to remove old, failing shower caulk can result in tile water damage that costs hundreds to repair.

Shower re-caulking by The Grout Medic

Shower re-caulking by The Grout Medic

At The Grout Medic, we know that shower re-caulking can become a much more dire issue than you think.  Have you ever put off going to the dentist until your tooth aches?  We know that preventive measures are essential to proper care and maintenance, but we often put those measures off till it’s too late.  When it comes to re-caulking a bathtub or shower, time is of the essence.

Isn’t this just the way caulking looks?

The thing about caulking around tubs and showers, is that we have seen shrinking, stained caulk so often and in so many places, we believe it’s just the nature of the material.  While it is very common to see caulk in a state of disrepair, it should not be left to wither away.  The Grout Medic offers shower re-caulking, which will not only rid your bathroom of the tattered material – it can save you money in the end.

We’ve got your shower re-caulking 4-1-1!

shower re-caulking

Shower re-caulking by The Grout Medic

What’s this money-saving we mention?  It’s the unexpected expense involved in water damage caused by failing tub and shower caulking.  That portion that is pulled away or completely missing, it denotes a broken water barrier.  The caulk line around your bathtub is not just to make the surface look finished.  It helps keep water in the tub, where it belongs!  When water gets to unseen areas, two things are likely to happen over time.  First, you could take on a bit of water damage behind your tub or shower structure – or you could take on a lot of damage.  In addition to water damage, this damp and dark area provides an ample area for mold growth.  You might not see it, but mold could be infiltrating your home!

How do you know it’s time for re-caulking a bathtub or shower?

re-caulking a bathtub

Bathtub re-caulking by The Grout Medic

Homeowners are often faced with unexpected repair issues, simply because they didn’t see the damage begin.  It might be difficult to spot a missing roof shingle, but it’s simple to identify failing shower caulking.  Is your caulk pulling apart from your shower surround, tile, or bathtub edge?  Is it stained and discolored?  If so, you need to call on The Grout Medic for our specialized re-caulking service.  It takes only a small amount of time to avoid a potentially huge repair expense.  One in-home visit from a Grout Medic re-caulking technician will give you a proper service recommendation and quote for the service required.  After that, you are free to schedule your service for a time that best suits your busy schedule.  One more visit, and your re-caulking project will be complete!  In a couple of easy steps, we will give your bath or shower new life, and keep future repair expenses at bay.

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Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your tile and grout look great all year long. When it comes to re-caulking your shower, make sure to rely on a professional to avoid potential tile water damage in your shower or bathtub area. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!