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Restore Your Tile in Just One Day

The Grout Medic specializes in bringing your old dirty, grimy, tile and grout back to life, in just one day with grout cleaning & sealing!

If you have tired-looking tile and discolored grout, The Grout Medic has a quick, yet thorough solution.  If you are looking at tiled surfaces throughout your home or business, which appear to need replacing, give us a call instead.  We offer time and money-saving options for even the toughest grout and tile problems, including grout cleaning and sealing.

grout cleaning & sealing in just one day

Grout cleaning & sealing – results in just one day!

Our grout cleaning & sealing offer results you must see to believe!

Achieving a total rejuvenation might seem impossible with a simple grout cleaning and sealing service.  How can so little time provide high-impact results?  The Grout Medic’s grout and tile cleaning is performed by highly-trained and experienced technicians.  Aided by our low-pressure steam cleaning system, our grout medics will work quickly to resuscitate your grimy tiled surfaces.  A blast of heated water vapor will penetrate beneath the surface of your grout to force out unsightly dirt, leaving behind beautifully-revitalized and sanitized grout and tile.  Your tiled surface will give you the feeling of having had a renovation – without the mess, the time spent, or the cost involved!  Once your grout and tile are thoroughly cleaned, your technician will apply a deep-penetrating grout sealer, which will help allay future stains by keeping contaminants out.

tile cleaning, grout cleaning & sealing

Low-pressure grout & tile cleaning provides high-impact results!

Take deep grout and tile cleaning off your chores list.

Deep cleaning tasks throughout your home can take a lot of preparation and a lot of time.  Wouldn’t it be nice to leave such tiresome chores to experts, who know how to care for your grout and tile?  With The Grout Medic, you can!  There is no need to spend hours trying to scrub away deeply-embedded grime from your grout and tile.  And the fact remains, that even if you achieve a clean grout surface with intense scrubbing and harsh chemical cleaners, you are still not getting what’s beneath the surface.  You will find that your grout will begin to discolor quickly after such a cleaning.  This is because harsh cleaners can leave behind a film, which dirt adheres to.  Conversely, such chemicals might bleach the original color of your grout, leaving the surface color uneven.  Plus, if you do not seal your grout after cleaning, it is still susceptible to dirt build-up.

grout cleaning and sealing

Grout cleaning & sealing for rejuvenated tile in just one day!

A short in-home consultation will give our technicians an opportunity to view your tiled areas and provide you with a complete quote.  After your consultation, you are free to schedule your service.  At the end of the day, you will love your tile once more!

Remember, don’t replace it, restore it – in just one day! Call The Grout Medic today for your 100% free, in-person grout and tile cleaning and restoration consultation. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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