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Why You Should Never Paint Over Discolored Grout

Painting your tile’s grout is not an effective method of increasing the appearance of your tile and grout. It’s highly recommended to never, ever paint over discolored grout.

As it pertains to many do-it-yourself projects, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders!  If you have ever listed your home for sale, you likely received this advice from your listing agent.  The Grout Medic is here to enlighten you about the capabilities of paint.  It can freshen up a room, make a room seem larger, and revitalize any space in your home.  What paint cannot do is improve the appearance of your grout.  It’s quite the contrary, in fact!

Never Paint Over Discolored Grout

Never paint over discolored grout – The Grout Medic will revitalize your grout instead!

Why is it never a good idea to paint over discolored grout?

It seems a viable solution to paint over discolored grout.  Some paints are specifically formulated to cover stains, but no formula is suitable to paint grout.  If you have made the attempt, you surely regret having done it.  If you have not yet tried painting your grout, we implore you not to do it! The Grout Medic has been called in to fix grout paint fails.  Many things could go awry.  First, there is the human error factor.  A steady hand is needed to re-color grout.  If you attempt to paint over discolored grout, you will almost certainly get paint on your tile.  Paint does not wipe away easily.  If it smears and dries on the surface of your tile, you are left with one option – to scrape your precious tile, possibly destroying it in the bargain.  Now, let’s imagine you have a perfectly steady hand, and you are able to keep the paint off your tile.  Since paint is not formulated to be applied to grout, it will not produce a great result.  It will sit on top of the surface of your grout lines, and it will not last.  Even if it looks okay in the beginning, it will end badly in a short amount of time.  You will have wasted time and money on a project that provided unsatisfactory, temporary results.

Do Not Paint Over Discolored Grout

Do not paint over discolored grout – we offer solutions for correcting grout color.

What can be done in lieu of painting your grout?

The Grout Medic offers professional and long-lasting solutions for fixing your discolored grout.  A simple in-home or business assessment of your grout will tell you which of those services will be best for you.  Your grout might only require a deep professional cleaning.  If all the discoloration cannot be remedied with a grout cleaning, then we offer grout color staining.  Our color sealer will penetrate deep into the pores of your grout to change the color or simply even out the discoloration.  The sealant will also protect your grout from future discoloration.  If grout damage exists throughout your tiled surface, we also offer complete regrouting.  Regrouting will strengthen your tiled surface, make it more beautiful, and reset the clock on your grout application – which could last for many years to come with proper care and maintenance.  If you require regrouting, we can apply an all-new color to give you a totally transformed aesthetic.

If you’re considering painting over your tile’s grout, please don’t do it! You’ll most likely end up with a re-grouting and possible tile replacement project as a result. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!