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It’s Better to Regrout Than Attempt Grout Repair

Attempting a DIY grout repair project is full of ups and downs. Unfortunately, the downs are more common than the ups, which is why you should call a regrouting company.

While we admire those, who successfully perform do-it-yourself projects around their homes, grout repair has its challenges.  If your grout is showing wear or has fallen victim to impact damage, you might be persuaded to try your hand at grout repair.  The Grout Medic receives many re-grouting requests on the heels of DIY grout repair attempts.  If you are considering a project in your home or business, we encourage you to save yourself the time and effort involved in a potentially ill-fated attempt.  Give your local Grout Medic a call instead!

Grout Repair vs. Regrouting

Don’t try to repair grout yourself – call The Grout Medic for professional regrouting.

Grout repair could produce unsightly results.

When a home or business owner tries correcting chips or cracked grout lines, they often use new grout like spackle.  There are a few reasons this is a bad idea.  New grout really needs a clean slate to properly adhere.  This is especially important in and around tubs and showers, where water will penetrate a poor seal.  Grout applied in this manner might also crumble or break away, making your attempt unsuccessful in short order.  But it’s really more than that.  As with any application of grout, whether in a new tile installation or grout repair project, grout haze can be a problem.  And that is not all!

DIY Grout Repair vs. Regrouting

Most seemingly-small grout issues are more difficult than you imagine.

Why have ugly grout if you don’t have to?

Next to the pitfalls of failing to seal cracked grout and grout haze, there is the possibility of creating an undesirable aesthetic.  For the sake of this article, let’s assume that you get the grout to adhere.  Mismatching grout is a distinct possibility.  Even when you purchase the same brand and color of grout as the original, you can easily have two-tone grout lines in the end.  Let’s assume that your grout matches, but your application is imperfect.  Do you really want to have uneven grout lines?  The great news is, you don’t have to have them!  The Grout Medic excels in areas that most homeowners do not, because our grout and tile technicians are highly-trained and have extensive experience.  When it comes to the look of any tiled surface in your home, it is better to hire an expert regrouting company before you try and fail at grout repair.  It’s our job – all we do every day – and we know that even small grout issues can be more difficult to fix than they appear.

Instead of attempting to repair your chipped or cracked grout, why not call a professional for a free regrouting quote? Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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