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Do you need tile cleaning or grout cleaning?

While at first glance it appears you need tile cleaning, it actually could be dirty, dingy grout causing that eyesore.

We commonly deal with the effects of everyday wear and tear on our tiled surfaces.  We can also become disheartened by a not-so-clean result in our tiled showers and on our tiled floors after a regular cleaning.  This can make us doubt our original choice in tile.  It can make us question whether we should replace it with a tile that doesn’t show wear or stain so easily.  It might be difficult to understand, but your tile could actually be clean.  Fact is, even tiny grout lines that have become discolored can make your beautiful tile appear dirty when it’s not.

Do you need grout cleaning or tile cleaning?

Dirty grout can disparage your beautiful tile.

Grout cleaning could be just what your tiled areas need!

When you have multi-colored tile, the color of the grout lines will determine the predominant color on the tile that attracts your eye.  As shown in the photo above, dark color variations in the light, multi-colored tile are pronounced by the discolored grout lines.  The overall surface appears much darker than when the grout lines are cleaned and sealed, shown in the second photo.  These two photos also illustrate what a difference grout color choices can make in your whole room’s aesthetic.  The Grout Medic not only offers professional grout sealing after your cleaning service, we also offer color sealing.  So, if you are unhappy with your original grout color choice, we can totally change it!

Do you need tile cleaning or grout cleaning?

Clean grout will drastically improve the look of your tile.

Does grout cleaning service include tile cleaning?

If you call on The Grout Medic to have your grout professionally cleaned, that service will include tile cleaning.  Our customized grout and tile cleaning service is safe for all types of tile and grout.  It is great for regular maintenance of tile in any room or area of your home.  To keep your high-traffic areas of tile healthy, we recommend a once-yearly professional cleaning and sealing service.  The added bonus is that your everyday cleaning will be easier.  You will find that you no longer need to employ store-bought cleaning solutions that are high in harsh chemical content, low on performance – cleaners that can actually damage your grout and tile.  The need for scrub brushes and scouring tools will diminish too!  This is because once grout is deep-cleaned and sealed, it is ultimately protected from dirt and water intrusion, as well as mold and mildew in showers.

grout cleaning with bleach and scrub brush

Forget about harsh cleaners and scrub brushes.

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Remember, if your tiled surfaces appear dirty and dingy, it may be a simple problem of very dirty grout. If your tile needs a little TLC, call the tile cleaning and grout cleaning experts at The Grout Medic. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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