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Is regrouting worth it?

Tile regrouting is a worthy home improvement project, but who you hire will determine whether your investment was worth it.

Regrouting is one way to whip your tiled surfaces into shape with minimal investment compared to a full-scale tile replacement.  It greatly improves the look and function of your tile.  It protects your tile edges.  It keeps water from seeping behind your shower walls and floors.  Whether your intend to live in your home forever, or are performing improvement projects for resale value, regrouting is one that will offer a great return.

Is regrouting worth it?

If your grout looks like this, professional regrouting is worth it!

Trust grout professionals for the best regrouting results.

You have a few choices once you have decided to move forward with a regrouting project.  You can choose to contact a trusted handy-person.  Perhaps you have one in mind, or know someone, who ‘knows a guy.’  While we would never disparage the talent of a professional home services provider, it is incumbent on us to explain that grout projects are better performed by grout-specialized providers.  Conversely, you would never call on The Grout Medic to perform lawn maintenance or to install lighting in your home.  Lucky for you, grout and tile are where we shine!  Our specialty services are available to save you money over a large project, as well as the time it would take to perform one.  If you love your tile, professional regrouting can help you keep it.  Our technicians are highly-trained and experienced in grout removal and reapplication.  When you call on The Grout Medic, you can rest assured that you are in skilled and knowledgeable hands!  Just look at these results – we would say this Grout Medic regrouting project was totally worth it!

professional regrouting is worth it

Professional regrouting is worth it!

DIY regrouting is a tempting venture.

Boy, do we understand this sentiment.  We all want to save money while maintaining our homes.  The biggest issue here, is that many home and business owners end up over-spending on the DIY regrouting budget.  This happens for a few reasons.  First, they must purchase supplies and special grout removal tools.  Next, and perhaps more importantly, is that inexperienced regrouters face the potential for tile damage.  Lastly, is that do-it-yourself regrouting often produces poor results, which leads the DIY’er to call on The Grout Medic to re-do the work.  You might not end up paying double the price you intended, but you can certainly spend more than you wanted to by attempting regrouting on your own.  Which begs the question, “Is do-it-yourself regrouting worth it?”  We have many clients, who would say that it is not.

Ready to invest in the look and function of your tiled areas with professional regrouting? Get in touch with The Grout Medic by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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