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How to Know if Your Tile Needs Grout Repair or a Simple Cleaning

If grout discoloration makes you think that it’s time for tile grout repair, there may be a cheaper option.

Discolored grout is unsightly at the very least.  The porous nature of grout makes it susceptible to embedded dirt particles, soaked-in cleaning solutions, and mold and mildew in showers.  Grout discoloration is the biggest issue we face in our tiled areas.  It can happen very quickly, leading to an overall dull appearance of the surface of your tile.  Dingy grout not only disparages your tile, it can be misleading.  Because home and business owners are unable to get their grout lines clean, they often believe it’s time to replace their grout.  But is it?

Does your tile need grout repair or grout cleaning?
Does your tiled area need grout repair?

Your grout may simply need to be cleaned.

It’s true.  Your ugly grout might not be the lost cause you deem it.  Even though you have spent lots of time and lots of elbow grease trying to get the stains out, your grout might be saved with a simple grout cleaning service by The Grout Medic.  How can that be possible?  Well, the solution is steam.  Not just any steam.  The Grout Medic’s powerful grout cleaning system heats tap water to approximately 310°F.  Once heated, our grout cleaning technicians are able to apply a blast of steam directly onto your grout lines.  Coming in hot at 600 to 800 psi, this steam penetrates your porous grout, pushing out dirt particles and contaminants that cause discoloration.

Discolored grout might only require grout cleaning.
Grout cleaning could be the simplest and best answer to discolored grout.

How can you tell if you need grout repair?

When considering a regrouting project, there are tell-tale signs that you assuredly need it.  Dreaded discoloration could lead to a regrouting project, but it is more often that grout damage is the catalyst.  What sort of damage?  Anything from fissures in your shower’s grout or chips on your floor, to missing sections of grout from impact damage can lead to a full-scale grout repair project.

Missing grout leads to grout repair.
Missing grout will for sure call for grout repair.

Is there any other solution for discolored grout?

The Grout Medic offers an additional solution for discolored grout, which is not able to be completely cleaned with professional grout cleaning.  Grout color sealing can pick up where deep-cleaning leaves off.  Once your grout is fully cleaned, we can apply a deep-penetrating grout sealer that has color pigment to even out your grout’s leftover discoloration.  Grout color sealing is a great way to get more years out of your healthy grout, which has permanent staining!

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While grout repair and grout replacement seem like the default method to fix your tile woes, there may be a much better and cheaper option – professional grout cleaning. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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