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Is grout stain right for you?

Have your grout lines become lackluster?

If your grout is losing its original fresh color, you might be considering refreshing it with grout stain.

There are options for do-it-yourself grout staining, such as grout pens, but The Grout Medic recommends a steady and experienced hand.  We implore you to call on the professionals for your grout color stain project – doing so will ensure that your grout is deemed a good candidate for this process.

Grout Color Stain by The Grout Medic
Grout Stain by The Grout Medic

How do we know if your grout is a good candidate for grout stain?

If you call on The Grout Medic for an in-home or business consultation, your trained technician will be able to tell you pretty quickly if your grout is ready to accept color sealant.  Some of the things that we will look for are whether your grout is healthy.  We will look for cracks and chips, and if there are areas of missing grout, you might first require a grout repair service.  If your grout damage is widespread, your tiled surface will be a good candidate for regrouting.  The Grout Medic can replace your old grout color with the color of your choice.

Professional Grout Color Stain
Choose Professional Grout Color Staining

If your grout is in good structural shape, The Grout Medic will provide a quote for our grout cleaning and color staining service.  We do not recommend applying color sealant to grout that has not been thoroughly cleaned.  Grout that is dirty will not properly accept color staining.  If you attempt to stain your own grout without first cleaning it, you will notice that the stain does not adhere as it should.  You will also notice color variation throughout your tiled surface.

Will grout color seal ruin your tile?

Another reason we recommend hiring a professional to perform your color sealing project is to protect your tile.  If not applied with a steady hand and a keen eye, color staining could negatively impact your tile.  If allowed to dry on the surface of your tile, your color sealant could leave a permanent stain.  The Grout Medic’s color sealing technicians work meticulously to not only improve the color of your grout, but to protect the surface of your tile at the same time.

Before and After Grout Color Sealing
The Grout Medic will stain your grout and protect your tile.

It is especially important that you do not attempt to color seal your grout lines if you have natural stone tile that is unsealed.  Call on The Grout Medic to discuss your options for changing the color of your grout on your natural stone tiled surface.

If you are ready to see if your tiled surface is a good candidate for grout color staining, get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!