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Grout Repair, The Solution for Aesthetics and Protection

If you have areas of cracked grout, The Grout Medic offers grout repair.

And there are really two reasons folks call on us for grout repair throughout their homes and businesses.  Fixing cracked and crumbling grout will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your tiled surface.  But also, if your cracked grout is in a wet area, such as a shower or tub surround, repairing the grout could be necessary to protect your home’s structure from water seepage.

Grout repair, the solution for broken grout

The Grout Medic can repair your broken grout.

If my shower isn’t leaking, why repair the grout?

Even new showers can have grout that falls into disrepair.  As homes settle and shift, tiled surfaces can become compromised.  If your Grout Medic technician deems your failing grout to simply be an eyesore, you can choose to leave it as-is.  However, you must consider that a little crumbling grout now can lead to a lot of crumbling grout later.  As more grout falls into disrepair, the integrity of your tiled area is weakened.  For this reason, The Grout Medic will usually recommend addressing grout issues now rather than later.  And with results like you see here, why wouldn’t you have your grout repaired?

shower grout repair

Shower grout repair by The Grout Medic

What if you put off grout repair too long?

Should you choose to wait to have your damaged grout corrected, it could lead to a full-scale tile regrouting project.  And while we can complete tile regrouting in just one day, it will take more time than a repair project.  It will also be costlier to remove and replace all your grout, as opposed to removing and replacing only a small area of damaged grout.

shower tile regrouting

Shower tile regrouting project by The Grout Medic

We must also remember damaged grout doesn’t just happen in showers and baths.

missing floor grout requires repairing

Missing or cracked floor grout should be repaired.

If your damaged grout is in a high-traffic area, like an entryway or busy kitchen, it can lead to broken or loose tiles.  These issues will also lead to a more involved and costlier tile repair or tile replacement project in addition to grout repair.  Here again, your Grout Medic technician will recommend a repair solution over waiting it out.

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Are you in need of professional grout repair?  Get in touch with The Grout Medic for your in-home or business consultation by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!