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Why You Need Expert Shower Tile Regrouting Services

Tile regrouting is not for the novice home improvement do-it-yourselfer.

And that goes double for shower tile regrouting services.  Why is it so important that you call on the tile and grout experts at The Grout Medic?  As you are probably aware, your shower tile grout is the barrier between your wet shower environment and the structure behind your shower walls and floor.  Damage to that grout or improper installation can mean big trouble for your home.  It is of the utmost importance that you employ trained and experienced grout professionals to perform your tile regrouting service to avoid the potential for water seepage.  The Grout Medic is not only an expert regrouting company.  Every location is licensed and insured to safely perform regrouting in your home.

shower tile regrouting services

Trust your shower’s tile regrouting to the experts at The Grout Medic.

You’re in good hands with The Grout Medic’s tile regrouting services.

Shower tile regrouting is not a one-step process.  There is no such thing as a shortcut when it comes to keeping water where it should be, and out of where it shouldn’t.  Many a would-be grout repair do-it-yourselfer has called on The Grout Medic after their project has gone wrong.  The frustration lies in three areas for those, who are not experienced with this type of grout repair work.

First, is the grout removal.

The thing about grout removal is…it’s not a simple process.  It takes a very steady hand to properly remove the grout from every tile’s edge.  Add to that, all the loosened grout must be completely cleaned away from the surface once it’s removed, as to not interfere with the new grout’s installation.

Second, is the grout re-installation.

It’s grout.  How difficult can it be?  Well…it doesn’t look that hard, but there are some pitfalls that must be avoided when applying new grout.  Most notably, is avoiding permanently marring your tile with grout haze.  Grout haze happens when grout has been allowed to sit too long on the surface before being cleaned away.  It also happens when grout is not properly wiped away.  Grout haze can be difficult to see, depending on the color and finish of your tile.

Third, is the grout sealing.

The Grout Medic recommends sealing every new grout installation, no matter the type of project, no matter where the tile is located.  Grout sealing is especially important in high traffic areas and showers, where additional protection is necessary.  Grout sealing will help keep out dirt, debris, and water from your grout’s pores.

Simplify your tile regrouting process by calling The Grout Medic.

Enlisting The Grout Medic for all your shower tile regrouting services needs is also a three-step process.  First, call or email us to discuss your needs and schedule your in-home or business regrouting consultation.  Next, we will come to your home or business to see your tiled surface in person, and calculate your exact project price.  And lastly, we will arrive to perform your tile regrouting service, completing your project in only one day!  What’s more, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

tile regrouting services

Trust The Grout Medic with your tile regrouting needs.

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Are you in need of expert shower tile regrouting services?  Search tile regrouting near me and get in touch with The Grout Medic for your in-home or business consultation by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!