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This Service Can Allay Tile Water Damage Repair

If your bath or shower has tile water damage, you might be asking yourself how that damage occurred.

Tile water damage repair is a core service of The Grout Medic and many of our clients wonder how their damage came to be.  With little to no obvious outward signs of damage, how can a home’s structure be taking on water to such a degree?

The answer to your tile water damage could lie in your bath or shower caulking.

bathtub recaulking servicesCaulk is used inside and outside our homes to seal cracks and create optimal climate control inside.  Caulk is used around windows, baseboards, and on roofs.  It is used in showers and bathtubs to form a watertight seal.  Each time we write about potential pitfalls of bad bath or shower caulking, we feel it necessary to point out that improper caulking is not always obvious.  Sometimes, it takes a keen professional eye to recognize poor caulking, or caulking that has gone bad.  As such, the average person often does not realize that their shower or bathtub caulk is allowing water to slowly penetrate beneath their tiled surface, where it eventually wreaks major havoc.  Tile water damage repair is a much costlier repair than bathtub or shower recaulking services.

Here is what you should look for to identify potential problems with your caulk.

  1. Caulk that is applied too thickly or thinly
  2. Caulk that is applied straight on top of old caulk (look for color variations or signs of two or more layers around the edges)
  3. Caulk that is separating from your wall, floor, or bathtub surround
  4. Caulk that is missing (even a small piece)
  5. Caulk that feels dry and is cracking on the surface

Shower recaulking services can allay tile water damage repair.

Shower and bathtub recaulking are also core services offered by The Grout Medic.  This is the simplest solution for preventing water seepage that can lead to a large-scale tile water damage repair project.  If you believe that your caulk has aged past its useful life, or see separation or damage to your caulk, it’s time you get in touch with The Grout Medic.  Enlisting our bathtub recaulking services today could save you time and money later!

Tile Water Damage Repair, Shower Recaulking Service

Poor bath/shower caulking can lead to tile water damage.

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