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Is regrouting your shower better than repairing your shower’s grout?

This is a common regrouting question at The Grout Medic.

The short answer is, “Yes, regrouting your shower is superior to repairing your shower’s grout.”  While shower regrouting is a larger investment upfront, you will reap the rewards of this service for longer than that of shower grout repair.

Is regrouting your shower better than repairing shower grout?

Is regrouting your shower better than shower grout repair?

Why does shower regrouting last longer than grout repair?

The process of regrouting your shower entails removal of all your shower’s grout.  This process will result in a completely clean slate, whereby your new grout will be allowed to better adhere.  Grout repair will take less time and money upfront, but the new grout’s adherence to the existing grout will not be as long-lasting as replacing all your shower’s grout.  As an experienced shower regrouting company, it is incumbent on us to recommend that you never attempt regrouting your shower, or even the simpler grout repair.  Trust the experts at The Grout Medic for all your tile and grout care and repair.

shower tile regrouting

Before and after: Shower tile regrouting by The Grout Medic

When The Grout Medic’s technicians perform this meticulous process, each of your tile’s edges will be free of all old grout.  The surface will also be cleaned by hand to ensure that no debris remains.  Once the removal process has been completed, a new and improved grout mixture will be applied to your entire shower.  After about 72 hours, your new grout will be cured, and your shower will be back in business.

Does this mean that we always recommend regrouting your shower instead of grout repair?

Not necessarily.  Sometimes, a shower grout repair might be recommended over a full-scale regrouting project.  For instance, if your grout is fairly new, and only a very small area is in need of attention, you would be a good candidate for shower grout repair.  Additionally, if you are just not ready to make the investment in regrouting project, you can choose to repair instead.  Some of our clients are on the fence about whether they intend to keep their aged tile for much longer, and opt for a smaller repair to tide them over until a decision is made on replacing their tile.  Others are weighing their options of changing their grout color, so they choose shower grout repair for the interim.

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