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The Significance of Sealing Your Grout

Have you recently purchased or built a new home?

If so, congratulations!  Whether you have just moved in to your first home or your fifth, it is always exciting to make yourself cozy in a new place.  If you have built a custom home, you made many design decisions throughout the process.  One of the best ways to express your personal style in your home is through the tile you choose.  From traditional squares to newfangled shapes and patterns, tile is an extension of your style, which lends itself to your desired aesthetic statement.  And while we understand that tile can go out of style through the years, many of us might not realize the damage a tiled surface can incur long before that time.  For the purpose of this blog, we are talking specifically about damage to your grout – how can such damage occur?

Sealing your grout is essential in your new home!

Don’t forget to seal your grout in your new home.

Sealing your grout is essential from day one.

New tile and grout are investments worthy of proper care.  The first step in caring for new grout is properly sealing it.  Sealing your grout will allay potential staining and water intrusion.  If water is allowed to penetrate the unsealed pores of your grout, it will begin to break down, and over time will require replacing.  As sealing your grout pertains to stains, you will notice that the protective layer of grout sealer will keep your grout looking new for up to two years.  Not only that, but your grout will be much easier to clean if it has been properly sealed from the start.  And believe it or not, most new tile installations do not include the tile contractor returning after the grout has cured to perform the initial grout sealing service.  For this reason, The Grout Medic offers professional grout sealing for new grout throughout your new home!  Don’t let your new grout linger in an unprotected state.  Our grout and tile care technicians are ready to help you protect your investment.


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