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Turn Your Ho-Ho-Ho into Glow-Glow-Glow!

Pre-holiday tile and grout cleaning is but a phone call away.

Call on your local Grout Medic to schedule your in-home tile and grout cleaning consultation today, and knock the Christmas stockings off your most discerning guests! If you are under the impression that you don’t have friends or family members that judge the cleanliness of your home, you are likely incorrect. Dirty grout and tile happen so gradually we hardly notice ourselves, but trust The Grout Medic – your guests will take notice! Our no-hassle tile and grout cleaning consultation and service visit process will get us in and out the door quicker than Santa himself.

Holiday tile and grout cleaning is a phone call away!
Don’t allow your guests one iota of white glove test glory – show ’em your clean grout and tile!

We’ll be at your door before you can say, “latkes!”

Add a little holiday glow, no matter your celebration by calling us to book your complimentary consultation NOW! Give us a jingle at 1-866-994-7688 to get your pre-holiday grout cleaning service underway, no matter where you need it! Keep in mind, the two most common places your holiday guests will make themselves familiar with are your kitchen and your guest bathrooms. The Grout Medic is standing by to help you make them shine!

pre-holiday tile and grout cleaning
Impress your holiday guests with more than your cooking skills!

What does it take to get your tile and grout shining brighter than the star atop your tree?

shower grout and tile cleaning in one visit
  1. Call or fill out our form to request an in-home or business consultation. This visit will take approximately a half-hour of your time!
  2. We will provide a complete quote for your grout cleaning service during this visit – no calls back, no additional fees after your service is complete.
  3. We are ready to book your service when you are, and will work flexibly to accommodate your busy holiday schedule.
  4. Once you are on the schedule, we’ll have your grout and tile beautifully clean, wrapped with a bow – and in only one visit!

For the professional tile and grout cleaning that is sure to impress your holiday guests, call a Grout Medic near you! Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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