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Tips to Keep Your Tile in Good Condition

It’s a new year, which means new opportunities for you and your home. The beginning of the year is a great time to focus on new habits, including keeping your kitchen and bathroom tile in good condition. 

Taking preventive measures now can help you avoid stress later. There are some small steps you can take to keep your tile in good shape:

Do Regular Maintenance

Wear and tear to tile and grout happens slowly over time, so it can be hard to notice subtle changes. However, tile and grout will wear over time and need to be attended to avoid further damage. Scheduling maintenance services like grout repair when you notice signs of wear can save you a lot of effort and money down the road. 

Don’t Ignore Broken Tiles

Broken tiles may not seem like a pressing issue to fix, especially when balanced against all of your other home needs. However, broken tile can sometimes be a sign of an underlying issue. In addition, broken tiles can leave your kitchen and bathroom more vulnerable to water damage, which can be very expensive to repair if left unattended. 

As soon as you notice a broken tile, schedule a tile repair service for services such as grout caulking and color sealing to stay on top of the problem. If your tile is old and breaking frequently, you may even want to consider a full-scale tile replacement service.

Clean the Right Way

Cleaning your tile and grout is critical for maintaining its form and integrity. Water stains and buildup from the environment can really take a toll on your tile and grout over time. 

Make sure you have a regular cleaning schedule that includes cleaning the surface of your tile as well as the grout. It’s also important to give your grout and tile a deep cleaning regularly by scheduling a professional grout and tile cleaning service.

Call for Your Free Estimate

If you are in need of tile repair or grout cleaning services, call The Grout Medic. We have years of experience in the industry and can quickly transform your bathroom or kitchen space. We understand the importance of proper tile and grout maintenance and want every homeowner to have tile and grout that is in top condition. 

To get a free estimate, give us a call at 1-866-994-7688.