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3 Secrets to Designing with Tile

Kitchens and bathrooms are high-traffic areas of the home. As such, they can quickly look worn, dirty, and dingy over time. If you’d like to refresh these spaces, consider the impact you can make with new tile or refreshed grout surfaces. From sleek bathroom flooring to trendy kitchen backslashes, you can transform any space in your home. Here are some tips for picking the perfect look:

Experiment with Neutral and Sophisticated Tones

Consider neutral tones that complement the 2023 Color Trend Forecast. Magnolia with black patine from Fireplace Tile is classic with a neutral brown tone that works with a variety of seasonal palettes. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tile styles! For example, subway tiles with vertical grout lines create a timeless backdrop for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom shower.

Coordinate with your Countertops 

Before you finalize your decision on what tiles to purchase, consider coordinating your tiles to your countertops so that you don’t overwhelm the space with too many patterns. You can select a more subdued backsplash with less pattern if your countertops have a lot of rhythm and movement. 

Keep Your Grout Up to Par

Clean grout makes your bathroom look fresh and tidy, and most importantly, it protects your tiled surfaces. As grout collects dirt and grime, the adhesive is loosened and causes the tiles to come apart over time. Loosened tiles store moisture, leading to cracking and chipping. 

Keep your tiled surfaces in good condition with sparkling clean grout maintained with regular cleans and seals. You can also regrout with a brand new grout color that compliments the colors and patterns of your tiled surfaces.
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