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Do grout pens work?

Grout pens work in certain situations. Here are a few instances of when they will or will not be effective.

Grout pens are readily available in a variety of colors. As with other tile related tasks, grout care and upgrades are among those that homeowners often try to do it themselves. While we commend your weekend warrior spirit, we also want to impress upon you that grout pens have their time and place. Your project might not be ideal for using a grout pen.

Grout pens work on certain DIY projects, but not all.

Grout pens work for touch-ups.

Let’s say you are hosting a party, but noticed your grout is looking less-than-stellar. Perhaps it’s a stain or discoloration here and there. Grout pens work for these situations, because you can easily correct small areas of discoloration until you have time to address all your grout. Using a grout pen might also be used for staging a home for sale, where lots of people will be scrutinizing tiled surfaces. This will make the home look fresher, and let’s face it – lots of home buyers have grout and/or tile professionally addressed once they move in.

Grout pens might work for less-used or small areas of tile.

Grout pens work in small spaces, such as your kitchen backsplash, which might have taken on a food stain in some areas. They can be effective on backsplashes, because unless we are cooking, there is really no usage impact. Conversely, you would not want to use a grout pen on an entryway floor, which receives a lot of traffic, thereby a higher chance of staining or wearing off quickly.

A grout pen might be ideal for the interim.

Let’s say you want to change the color of your grout, or even replace all your old tile, but you haven’t made up your mind. A grout pen might be a good way to touch up bedraggled grout for the time being, so you are not constantly annoyed with discoloration.

When is a grout pen not a good solution?

If you have an large area of tile, or an area of constant usage or impact, we do not recommend using a grout pen. The larger the area, the bigger the chances of making mistakes, like allowing the color to seep onto your tile. Additionally, using a grout pen on a large surface doesn’t just take a steady hand, but it takes a lot of time too. Most of our clients are looking for ways to save time on projects. That’s why they call us.

What do we recommend in lieu of a grout pen?

There are a few of our professional services that are superior to using a grout pen. Your grout could just be dirty. In this case, we recommend a deep steam cleaning service, followed by a clear protective grout sealer. If your grout is discolored to the point of no return, we would recommend a professional grout cleaning service, followed by a deep-penetrating color sealer. These are the recommended services if you wish to completely change your grout’s color. Our grout sealing services will last about one to two years between cleaning and re-application. And the best part is, we do all the work!

See our grout color sealing Q&A:

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