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Tile Cleaning, How to and Not to Clean Tile

The subject of tile cleaning might not seem a perplexing topic.

However, tile cleaning is a regular household task that many homeowners just get wrong. When we think about hard surfaces, we tend to believe that they are indestructible. This could not be more untrue when it comes to tile. Here is all the information you need to know about the do’s and don’ts of tile cleaning!

Tile cleaning
Tile cleaning must be managed with ample care.

What are the strongest tiles to use in a tile installation?

When it comes to durability, especially for use in your floor tile installation, porcelain is considered the strongest tile. For homes and businesses that have heavy foot traffic, it is almost always unwise to choose floor tiles that will not hold up, or those, which require a lot of maintenance and care. This is not to say that you will not see natural stone tile used in public spaces, but just be aware that if you use granite or marble, you will need to look into periodic sealing to prevent staining and signs of wear. Even with the strongest tile products, proper cleaning methods are a must.

What should you NOT clean tile floors with?

There are references to many homemade tile cleaning concoctions online. Well-meaning social media influencers love to show off sparkling tiled surfaces. And while mixtures of vinegar and dish detergent will make your tile and grout bright and clean, it can also damage your grout and tile. Unfortunately, the same goes for bleach or ammonia, which is often what household cleaners are made with. Is a clean aesthetic worth throwing away your investment in a tile floor or shower? We think not!

Additionally, you should not use stiff brushes or scouring pads to clean your tile – EVER.

What tile cleaning methods should you employ?

Everyday tile cleaning is best performed with three things.

  1. A pH-balanced cleaning solution
  2. A soft sponge or cloth
  3. A little elbow grease

What should you use to clean very soiled tile?

The Grout Medic is here for you whenever your tiled surfaces become marred with dirt, debris, and discoloration. Very soiled tile can be professionally cleaned by your local Grout Medic! Our grout and tile cleaning technicians use low-pressure steam to blast away dirt, mildew, and mold from your tile and grout. The best part is, the clean aesthetic we achieve for your tile is done so SAFELY. We do not use chemical cleaners whatsoever. If a pre-treatment is required, it will be a pH-balanced cleaning solution that will not harm your tile, or produce noxious fumes.

How do you keep tile clean?

Keeping your tile clean is quite easy as long as you spend a little time each day or use to do so. This means wiping excess water off your tub or shower tile after use. It also means keeping dirt and debris swept up off your floors each day. Tile is better kept clean by using proper cleaning methods mentioned above. Improper chemicals or scrubbing can mar your grout and tile’s appearance quickly. The Grout Medic offers grout sealing, which will penetrate your porous grout, which will help you keep it clean for about one or two years, depending on where the tile is installed and how often the area receives use.

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Don’t risk your tile investment on improper cleaning practices. Contact The Grout Medic today and let us restore your tile to its former glory. Call 1-866-994-7688 or submit our online form for a complimentary consultation.

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