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Tiled Floor Grout Cleaning and Sealing

The Grout Medic offers professional tiled floor grout cleaning and sealing services to keep your floors looking clean and beautiful for the life of your tile!

Perhaps the best part about our tiled floor grout cleaning and sealing is that your choice controls the results. That is because we offer two unique tiled floor sealing services. Choose between a clear, deep-penetrating floor grout sealer or a colored grout color sealer.

Tiled floor grout cleaning and sealing with choice results

Tiled floor grout cleaning and sealing with clear grout sealer.

Many of our tiled floor grout cleaning service clients are not aware that we offer floor grout sealing, as well. The fact is, many of our clients – even those with brand-new tile – have never had their grout sealed. Why do we seal grout? It’s simple. Tiled floor grout cleaning and sealing is the best way to keep your tile and grout looking great. Additionally, proper cleaning and care will help extend the life of your busy tiled floor!

How does sealing grout keep your tile and grout healthy?

Once your grout and tile have been professionally cleaned, it is very important to seal your grout. In doing so, your grout will be protected from the world around. Grout sealer is created specifically to penetrate the pores of your grout, settling deep within, and creating a barrier between the grout and foot traffic. Grout sealing will fight against staining and water penetration. It will also make your grout lines easier to clean. That’s because when floor grout is easier to clean, gentler cleaners and cleaning methods employed will result in less wear on your grout.

Should I choose clear floor grout sealer or colored sealer?

Either grout sealing solution you choose will last one to two years, depending on how much foot traffic and everyday cleaning your floor requires. Since one does not outlast the other, why do some clients choose colored grout sealing? There are a few reasons to choose a color!

Tile grout cleaning and color sealing could be right for your tile.
  • Grout color sealer can help conceal stains that cannot be got out with cleaning.
  • A colored grout sealing solution can make your formerly white grout lines bright again.
  • Colored floor grout sealer can totally change the color of your grout for a whole new appearance.

There is no incorrect answer to the question of which type of sealer you choose. There is only the right answer for your situation.

Choose the best local grout cleaner and sealer for your project.

For floor grout cleaning and sealing or color sealing, call a Grout Medic near you. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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