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Can The Grout Medic get rid of soap scum in my shower?

Soap scum is a common shower malady. At times, it is very difficult to clean.

You ask, “Can The Grout Medic get rid of soap scum in my shower?” Yes, we can! Our gentle, yet powerful tile cleaning service will rid your shower of unsightly, difficult-to-clean soap scum. But that’s not all!

How do I get rid of soap scum in my shower?
How do I get rid of soap scum in my shower?

We clean soap scum and so much more.

The Grout Medic’s grout and tile cleaning system delivers a calibrated burst of tap water steam between 300 and 600psi. The great thing about our steam cleaning service is that even though it is gentle enough for any type of tile, it is very tough on substances that mar your shower. Soap scum is a main offender, along with mildew and dreaded mold. You can add mineral deposits to that list too!

soap scum in my shower
We clean soap scum and so much more!

Can’t I just use a store-bought cleaner for soap scum?

Homeowners are often inclined to purchase purported professional-grade shower cleaners, which contain harsh chemicals or abrasives when showers get dirty. But these cleaners are not only bad for tile and grout, they can stir up asthma and allergies for those, who suffer. They can be harmful to our pets.

This is not to say that sometimes a small stain requires a tough spot cleaning, but these cleaners used week after week, and on a large scale can be quite damaging. They can leave color on your tile and grout, or take color out of tile and grout. They can damage your shower hardware too. Remember that chemical cleaning also means there is chemical runoff, as well.

Our cleaning system and methods include zero chemicals or abrasives. Simple tap water steam is all it takes to rid your shower of soap scum, mold, mildew, and mineral deposits. The only lasting impact on your tile is a clean and beautiful appearance!

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Having soap scum in your shower doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion. Contact The Grout Medic today and let us restore your tile to its former glory. Call 1-866-994-7688 or submit our online form for a complimentary consultation.

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