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How to Keep Your Tile Sparkling After a Grout Medic Tile Cleaning

You’ve made a wise choice and called Grout Medic for your tile cleaning. But how can you keep your tiles looking this pristine in the coming weeks? Here are the industry secrets that make it easy to have healthy, beautiful-looking tiles whenever you want!

Keep Up the Clean

You were likely already thinking about it, but part of keeping your tiles clean is holding yourself to a cleaning regimen. Professionals recommend you dry clean your tile floors weekly and use a mop or cleanser every two weeks or as needed. 

The frequency of your cleaning will vary based on where your tiles are, but as long as you give them the attention they need, they’ll continue to look great!

Prevent Buildup

Soap scum can be a real issue for tiles. A great way to mitigate this is to use cleansers that don’t produce residue when you clean. You should also get everything dry afterward. If you’re cleaning grout specifically, you may need to reapply the sealer to prevent any buildup or excess moisture from making a home in your grout’s surface. 

Different Techniques for Different Tiles

Do some light research on the best methods for cleaning your specific tiles. While these tips are mostly universal, some materials need extra care or slightly different care to bring out the best in them.

Book Another Cleaning

It’s possible that you waited a bit too long between caring for your tiles. It happens, and that’s why we’re here! An excellent and straightforward way to ensure you have the shiniest tiles is to book a second cleaning. 

Keeping yourself on a schedule for tile cleaning makes it so you never have to think about it again. Just wait for your appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Schedule Your Sparkle

Can’t seem to find a way to replicate our shine? No need — we’ve got everything ready for you at our fingertips! Call the Grout Medic the next time you feel your tile needs a nice refresh. Reach out to us at 1-866-994-7688 for a free estimate!


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