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Grout Sealer vs. Grout Sealer With Color

Wondering which is better for your specific project?

Are you considering grout sealer with color? The Grout Medic can help! As you are probably aware, grout sealer is an imperative step in caring for your grout lines. Sealing grout penetrates grout pores and forms a protective shield against water and contaminants for up to two years between applications.

When is clear grout sealer the better option for your project?

Clear grout sealer is the ideal option for anyone, who wishes to maintain their grout’s health, as well as the color. It is advisable that you apply clear grout sealer immediately after your new grout has cured. The Grout Medic offers clear grout sealing for just the purpose, as many tile contractors do not return to your home three days post-project to apply clear grout sealer. Clear grout sealer is also perfect for clients, who hire us for professional grout cleaning. We will follow with a transparent grout sealing solution to keep your grout cleaner for longer between professional cleanings. Clear grout sealer also helps keep your grout lines easier to clean on your regular chores rotation.

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clear grout sealer
Sealing grout is always recommended, whether you choose clear or colored.

Grout sealer with color is great for a little change – or a lot!

The beautiful thing about grout sealer with color added, is that you can maintain or create your tiled surfaces up-to-date. If you want to keep up with your favorite social media aesthetics, grout sealer with color is a fantastic and inexpensive way to achieve it. By subtly or drastically changing your grout color after professional cleaning, you can enjoy both a fresh tiled surface, as well as an aesthetically updated one! Like its clear counterpart, grout sealer with color can help protect your grout lines for one or two years between professional cleaning and reapplication.

Grout sealer with color can give you the level of change you desire.

Interested in grout sealer with color? Call The Grout Medic!

Clear or colored grout sealer? The only wrong answer is no grout sealer at all! Call The Grout Medic at 866-994-7688 or contact us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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