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Is Regrouting a Bathroom Easy?

Regrouting is a specialized service that requires special tools and a steady hand.

At The Grout Medic, we would not refer to regrouting bathroom tiles as an easy project. Tedious? Yes. Regrouting bathroom tiles is a very involved process, which really should be left to tile contractors. It is not an easy project, even for experienced pros.

regrouting a bathroom is not easy
Regrouting a bathroom is not easy, even for professionals.

Regrouting Bathroom Tiles, Preparation and Cost

Regrouting a bathroom first involves choosing the correct grout. Will you be regrouting a bathroom floor, walls, or shower? Will you be regrouting the entire room? You must know which grout goes where. For more information, see our outline here: Which Grout is Best? There is also your grout color to consider. Will you choose the same color or a new one?

Perhaps the most essential part of regrouting a bathroom is ensuring you have the proper tools. You can choose between oscillating tools, saws, and plastic scrapers for grout removal. You might not know which of these will work better for you until you begin removal. There could be a process of elimination or inclusion.

You will additionally need a mask or respirator so you do not inhale grout dust. Throw in the gloves, cloths, sponges, grout float, and tools for sealing after your grout cures. That’s right. Regrouting a bathroom is not simply about removing and replacing grout. Your grout lines should be sealed with a deep-penetrating grout sealant.

If these types of tools are not in your collection, you will have to rent or purchase them. The cost of tools and expendable project materials must be considered. That money could be better invested in professional regrouting by The Grout Medic.

Time Involved in Regrouting Bathroom Tiles

How any DIY-er spends their time is up to them. However, due to the tedious nature of regrouting a bathroom, you must consider how much time it could take to perform the project. The Grout Medic’s regrouting technicians can typically perform a project in one day’s time. That would not be so for someone that has never attempted regrouting. Your project could take much longer than you foresee. Add two to three days of curing time for the grout. Add another 72 hours for your grout sealer to dry.

Whether or not you attempt to regrout your bathroom is wholly up to you. If you decide to hire a tile contractor, The Grout Medic will be ready to answer your call.

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