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Author: csouthwell

3 Secrets to Designing with Tile

Kitchens and bathrooms are high-traffic areas of the home. As such, they can quickly look worn, dirty, and dingy over time. If you’d like to refresh these spaces, consider the impact you can make with […]

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Help Elderly Loved Ones with a Tile and Grout Service

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know exactly how to help an elderly loved one with what they need. Caregivers and home cleaning services are obvious options, but what about seniors who already have these […]

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Why Hire a Tile Grout Cleaning Service Provider?

With The Grout Medic as your tile grout cleaning service provider, safe cleaning methods and beautiful results are guaranteed. Need we say more? Perhaps not, but in this blog we will explain why it’s good […]

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How do I know if water has penetrated my tile?

We specialize in tile water damage repair. It’s easier to prevent than repair. What are signs of water damaged tile? There are some tell-tale signs that water has penetrated your tile. How early do they […]

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Bathroom Recaulking, Facts and Myths

Bathroom recaulking is not the type of topic that comes up between friends and families at get-togethers. You’ll never hear someone say, “How’s your bathtub caulk doing?” However, that does not mean that bathroom recaulking, […]

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