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Category: Shower Re-grouting

Choose The Grout Medic as Your Shower Floor Regrouting Company

Searching for, “shower floor regrouting company near me?” Choose The Grout Medic. Are you tired of stepping into your shower only to notice discolored grout lines, mold, or cracked grout? If so, it’s time to […]

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Why is my new grout cracking in my shower?

Old or new, cracking shower grout is bad. There are a few reasons that result in new cracking shower grout. As with any home improvement project, ample care must be taken from the start. When […]

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Is regrouting your shower better than repairing your shower’s grout?

This is a common regrouting question at The Grout Medic. The short answer is, “Yes, regrouting your shower is superior to repairing your shower’s grout.”  While shower regrouting is a larger investment upfront, you will […]

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Shower Grout is More Important Than You Might Think

If your shower grout is in disarray, one quick call to The Grout Medic will remedy your problem. Compared to the rest of our homes, we only see our showers a short while each day.  […]

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Rejuvenate Your Shower in Just One Day with Re-Grouting and Re-Caulking by The Grout Medic

Re-grouting and re-caulking your shower are great ways to transform the appearance of your shower area. Home improvement tasks, especially those concerning tiled areas, can seem burdensome undertakings.  This is true now more than ever, […]

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