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Category: Tile Regrouting

Can you regrout tile without removing it?

We receive many questions about tile regrouting. This is a common query. Can you regrout tile without removing it? This can be answered in two ways. Yes, you can regrout tile without removing the tile. […]

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Should I use sanded or unsanded grout?

Don’t use the incorrect type of grout or it could end up costing you quite severely. Whether you are planning a new tile installation or re-grouting project, the most important question you can ask is, […]

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Why Tile Regrouting is Best Left to the Professionals

Tile regrouting is a project best left to the professionals. Rely on the local experts at The Grout Medic for all your regrouting needs. Do-it-yourself projects have been trending for a decade or more.  Well-meaning […]

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Unless You Have the Necessary Tools and Expertise, Leave Your Tile Re-Grouting to The Grout Medic

Tile re-grouting is an in-depth process that requires the correct tools, as well as the correct type of grout. Leave re-grouting to the professionals at The Grout Medic. Some write, “tile re-grouting,” others write, “regrouting.”  […]

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Why Regrouting is Best Left to The Grout Medic

Are you are looking for DIY tutorials for “how to re-grout my tile?”  Tile regrouting is a fantastic way to revitalize any tiled area in your home.  The Grout Medic will take this potential DIY […]

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