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Why is my new grout cracking in my shower?

Old or new, cracking shower grout is bad. There are a few reasons that result in new cracking shower grout. As with any home improvement project, ample care must be taken from the start. When […]

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How do you fix water damaged tile?

If you have dreaded tile water damage repair, there is much evidence to suggest that you seek professional guidance. That’s why we’re here! The Grout Medic specializes in all things grout and tile, but those […]

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What do tile repair contractors say about tile repair?

Tile repair contractors offer repairs, of course. But is repairing tile the single best course of action? As professional tile repair contractors and grout and tile care specialists, we make recommendations based on each project […]

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How hard is it to stain grout?

Our grout color staining clients all want their grout to look better. If you try it yourself, your grout could look worse. This is not simply because our trained technicians are better at applying the stain itself. There is also certain preparation for a tile grout color stain project that must be performed. Grout must be healthy and clean for the best color stain result. The Grout Medic will ensure that your grout is in its best possible form before a brush even touches your grout lines.

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Is grout cleaning worth it?

“Is grout cleaning worth it,” is common question we ask ourselves when we research service providers. The notion to do it ourselves runs strong today, with many how-to videos and blogs available online. Can we perform our own deep grout cleaning, and save money on hiring a pro? Sure. But will our DIY grout cleaning do the job right?

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