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Do grout pens work?

Grout pens work in certain situations. Here are a few instances of when they will or will not be effective. Grout pens are readily available in a variety of colors. As with other tile related […]

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Grout Color Seal vs. a Grout Pen

Grout color seal seems a benign enough do-it-yourself task. As it pertains to grout color seal vs. a grout pen, The Grout Medic always recommends professional color sealing. Are grout pens readily available? Yes. Can […]

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Grout Color Sealing Transforms Your Tiled Surfaces at a Fraction of the Cost of Re-Grouting

Grout color sealing is a highly effective method of completely changing the appearance of your tiled surface. Even better, we can complete the project in just one day. Let’s discuss our overriding desire for instant […]

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