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Which grout sealer should you use?

It’s important to know which grout sealer to use to ensure your tile and grout both look great and are protected from discoloring agents. Many homeowners, who plan to undertake tile home improvement projects, find […]

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How long does grout sealer last?

The Grout Medic recommends that homeowners have their grout cleaned and re-sealed at least once every two years, as grout sealant will eventually wear out over this period of time. Grout sealer is a protective […]

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Why Grout Sealing is Imperative to Keeping Your Grout Looking Great

If you purchase a new home with tiled surfaces, make sure that your grout is properly sealed by a professional to protect it from water, dirt, dust, and grime. Purchasing a brand new home is […]

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Refresh, Protect, or Replace: Three Ways We Give New Life to Old Grout

Are you looking around your kitchen or bath, your entryway or mudroom, and not liking what you see? Is that because the tiled surfaces in those areas appear as though they’ve enjoyed better days? At […]

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5 Ways to Freshen Up the Look of Your Home With Grout and Tile Cleaning Service

Your bathroom regularly needs maintenance if you expect to keep it up to snuff, though it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Bacteria and dirt can quickly build up on the tiles […]

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