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What happens if grout sealer gets on porcelain tiles?

If you’re dealing with the unfortunate scenario where your grout sealer spills or overflows onto your tiled surfaces, then it may be time to call The Grout Medic. We’re highly experienced in fixing DIY projects […]

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How to Keep Your Tile Sparkling After a Grout Medic Tile Cleaning

You’ve made a wise choice and called Grout Medic for your tile cleaning. But how can you keep your tiles looking this pristine in the coming weeks? Here are the industry secrets that make it […]

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Can grout be professionally cleaned?

Suffering from dirty grout, and find yourself cleaning more frequently? If you have found this blog by researching whether there are grout cleaning companies out in the world, welcome! Many of our clients have found […]

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How do you fix discolored grout?

If you are experiencing unsightly grout discoloration, The Grout Medic offers three unique ways to remedy it. No one likes to look at their once-beautiful tiled surface, made less appealing by discolored grout.  If you […]

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Does The Grout Medic sanitize grout?

At 310°F, The Grout Medic’s grout steam cleaning will eviscerate germs, bacteria and viruses from your grout. We are about one week into the spring season, and many of us are spending a lot of […]

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