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How do you fix discolored grout?

If you are experiencing unsightly grout discoloration, The Grout Medic offers three unique ways to remedy it. No one likes to look at their once-beautiful tiled surface, made less appealing by discolored grout.  If you […]

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Does The Grout Medic sanitize grout?

At 310°F, The Grout Medic’s grout steam cleaning will eviscerate germs, bacteria and viruses from your grout. We are about one week into the spring season, and many of us are spending a lot of […]

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Can I recaulk over existing caulk?

Perhaps the question is not, “Can I recaulk over existing caulk?”  The bigger question is, “Should you recaulk over existing caulk?” We live in an age of instant gratification.  With busy home and professional lives, […]

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What do the pros use to clean grout?

Professional grout cleaners utilize low-pressure, hot steam cleaners to remove discoloring agents from your grout. With the rise in popularity of safe or green home cleaning products over the last few years, many homeowners believe […]

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Tired Tiles? Grimy Grout? Let Us Do the Cleaning!

It’s no surprise that the proper cleaning and maintenance of just about anything can prolong its usefulness and life — and tile and grout are no exceptions. The tiled surfaces in our homes and offices […]

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