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How often do I need professional tile and grout cleaning?

Considering calling The Grout Medic for grout cleaning and sealing? For those, who have never taken advantage of our grout and tile care and repair services, it might be unclear how often they should schedule […]

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Do you need tile cleaning or grout cleaning?

While at first glance it appears you need tile cleaning, it actually could be dirty, dingy grout causing that eyesore. We commonly deal with the effects of everyday wear and tear on our tiled surfaces.  […]

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Restore Your Tile in Just One Day

The Grout Medic specializes in bringing your old dirty, grimy, tile and grout back to life, in just one day with grout cleaning & sealing! If you have tired-looking tile and discolored grout, The Grout […]

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Tile Replacement

Proactive tile and grout cleaning can ensure your tiled surface lasts longer and looks great each and every year. While it’s true that one of our core services is tile replacement, did you know that […]

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Make Grout Cleaning Your First Project of the New Year

Start off the new year with fresh tile and grout by calling The Grout Medic. Our professional tile and grout cleaning will make your home shine. There is hardly a better way to improve your […]

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