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Tag: tile water damage repair

How do I know if water has penetrated my tile?

We specialize in tile water damage repair. It’s easier to prevent than repair. What are signs of water damaged tile? There are some tell-tale signs that water has penetrated your tile. How early do they […]

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How do you fix water damaged tile?

If you have dreaded tile water damage repair, there is much evidence to suggest that you seek professional guidance. That’s why we’re here! The Grout Medic specializes in all things grout and tile, but those […]

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This Service Can Allay Tile Water Damage Repair

If your bath or shower has tile water damage, you might be asking yourself how that damage occurred. Tile water damage repair is a core service of The Grout Medic and many of our clients […]

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When Shower Caulking Goes Wrong

This title might read like a feature film.  If this were a documentary, it would be a cautionary tale. Oh, the woe and horror of it all!  While we are not filmmakers here at The […]

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Tile Water Damage Repair is Absolutely Not a DIY Project

Please leave your tile water damage repair to an insured tile contractor. Attempting to fix it yourself may result in further damage. Water damage repair is nothing to scoff at.  When a homeowner learns of […]

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