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Frequently Asked Questions

The Grout Medic offers a full suite of grout and tile services for your home or business.  If you have questions about those services, look to find your answers here.

grout and tile services

Grout Sealing FAQs

Q. What type of sealer is used?

A. The Grout Medic’s grout sealer is a clear breathing penetrating type sealer. The sealer is applied by brush to the point of grout saturation and the excess is carefully wiped up.

Q. How long will it last?

A. Although our sealer is rated as a 20-year sealer, The Tile Council of North America recommends that you have your grout sealed every two years.

Q. Does the grout sealer change the appearance of the grout?

A. No, the sealers used by The Grout Medic will not leave a glossy shine or change the look of your grout in any way.

Q. How long does it take the sealer to dry?

A. The Grout Medic sealer will dry to the touch within 1 hour under normal conditions (humidity, air temperature, etc.). The sealer will take up to 3 days to fully cure giving your floor maximum protection against contaminants causing discoloration.

Q. How should I clean my floor when the job is completed?

A. Simply use a sponge mop coupled with a PH neutral cleaner.

Q. Will the grout sealer keep my floor stain proof?

A. The Grout Medic sealer is designed to create stain resistance. The objective is to create reaction time, where a stain can be held at surface level where it can be easily cleaned within a reasonable period of time before it is able to be absorbed into the porous surface.

Grout Color Sealing FAQs

Q: Will grout color seal ruin my tile?

A: No. The Grout Medic’s professional grout color seal service is provided by trained and experienced technicians, who will deftly apply the sealant to your grout lines only, without getting it onto your tile.

Q. What is grout color sealing (grout color staining)?

A. Staining grout with a color sealer is the application of a grout colorant to completely change or enhance the color of your grout.

Q. Why stain or color seal my grout?

A. In some circumstances, your existing grout can be soiled to the point it will not clean well enough to be acceptable. Grout can also fade if exposed to excessive foot traffic or sunlight making it impossible to eliminate color variations in your grout.

Q. Can you make my grout lighter?

A. Yes, your existing grout can be re-colored to a lighter or darker shade of your existing grout or a different color altogether to match your changing décor.

Q. Can you tell if the grout has been stained?

A. The staining process will leave your grout looking brand new eliminating any color variations. The stain used is a penetrating stain leaving the grout in its natural state as it bonds to the silica in the grout joint. Some stains on the market are a topical stain that will cause your grout to look painted in its completed state.

Grout and Tile Services Estimate FAQs

Q. How do I schedule an estimate for any of your grout and tile services?

A. Simply click on the location nearest you to email the local office with your contact information or call the number of your local Grout Medic representative.

Q. How much does an estimate cost?

A. The Grout Medic will come to your home or business to provide a free written evaluation of your needs.

Q. How long does the estimate take?

A. In most cases, we can inspect the area and provide a written evaluation in 10 to 20 minutes.

Q. What times do your provide estimates?

A. We will provide a free evaluation at a time that accommodates your schedule.

Q. Can you provide an estimate over the phone?

A. Each job is unique in some way. This is why we provide free evaluations to ensure prices quoted are accurate and complete with no surprises.

Q. Once decided, how long will it take to schedule the work?

A. Most of our work can be scheduled within 7 to 10 days.

Grout Cleaning FAQs

Q. What type of cleaner is used?

A. The Grout Medic uses a low pressure / hot water system to clean your grout. The vapor system will heat water to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, cleaning your grout with vapor technology using tap water. This will leave your grout in a PH neutral state.

Q. Do you use chemical cleaners?

A. Some cleaning situations require pre-treatment using a chemical cleaner. The Grout Medic cleaner contains no acid or bleach as these ingredients can do long-term damage to your grout. The solution is then followed by our vapor technology removing the discoloration and any chemical residue from the grout joint.

Q. Why use grout cleaner and vapor cleaning?

A. The vapor cleaning process eliminates the cleaner from the pores of the joint, leaving it in a PH neutral state.

Q. Why not just scrub the grout with a brush and mop it clean?

A. The mopping of excess cleaner is not completely absorbed leaving the cleaner in the pores of the grout. The cleaner will disrupt the PH level of the floor creating a dirt magnet after completion.

Q. Do you use a truck mounted grout cleaning machine?

A. No, grout is rated to withstand pressure up to 600 to 800psi. The truck mounted equipment generates pressure between 1500 to 3000 psi. The amount of pressure generated will create small cracks in the joint along with exploiting existing cracks.

Regrouting FAQs

Q. Can I simply grout over the existing grout?

A. Grout adheres to the bisque (raw edge) of the grout joint. The existing grout must be removed to prevent the freshly applied grout from flaking or chipping.

Q. Is it possible to clean the grout in my shower?

A. Typical shower / tub grout joints contain nonsanded grout. This grout does not contain pores meaning the grout itself is stained rather versus discoloration caused by dirt trapped in pores.

Q. How long will I be without my shower?

A. The regrouting procedure will take 4 to 5 hours to complete. The grout and caulk will require a cure time of approximately 24 hours allowing you the use of your shower the next day.

Q. How long will the grout last?

A. The Grout Medic uses a polymer-fortified grout to help prevent shrinkage and future discoloration. The regrout procedure should last 15 to 20 years provided a PH neutral cleaner is used for maintenance cleaning.

What type of grout cleaner system do you use?

Our grout cleaner system is a low pressure/hot water system perfect for tile grout and epoxy grout. We offer comprehensive grout cleaning, grout sealer, and grout removal services. We also repair grout as well as clean and restore ceramic tile, marble, slate, travertine, and more. Let The Grout Medic put our award-winning credentials to work for you.

You won’t find finer grout cleaners than those at The Grout Medic. We offer:

  • Low pressure/dry steam grout cleaning for tile grout
  • Repair grout
  • Grout sealer
  • Color Restoration
  • Cleaning and restoration of ceramic tile, marble, and slate

We’ll have your floors looking their best at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Our grout cleaning system uses vapor technology, leaving your grout in a PH neutral state. Let us be your grout cleaner for tile grout and more, or repair grout for you at affordable prices. Our work is protected by a grout sealer that is rated as a 20-year sealer, and we can also clean your ceramic tile, marble, or slate to look like new.

In our grout cleaner system we use super-heated steam to 320 degrees Fahrenheit and clean and disinfect with vapor technology. Our grout cleaning system will have your tile grout and epoxy grout looking like new. We also offer grout removal and a 20-year grout sealer.

Does not leave residue, and is pet and child friendly.

How long can I expect your grout sealer to last?

Our grout sealer is rated as a 20-year clear sealer or our optional color seal. The professionals at The Grout Medic also offer grout cleaning, grout removal, grout repair, clear or color seal, and cleaning and replacement of kitchen tile, floor tile, bathroom tile, countertops, and more. Grout and tile needn’t show their age. Let the grout cleaners at The Grout Medic restore your floors back to their original look and feel.

Choose from our many products and services including:

  • Clear breathing penetrating type grout sealer
  • Grout removal
  • Grout repair
  • Grout cleaning
  • Exclusive low pressure/vapor technology grout cleaner system
  • Restoration for kitchen tile, floor tile, bathroom tile, and countertops

Learn more about what The Grout Medic can do for you.

Our grout sealer is long lasting and will not change the look of your grout in any way. Our restoration procedures are well-known, and we are a respected choice for grout cleaning using an exclusive low pressure/vapor technology grout cleaner system, grout repair, grout removal, cleaning and replacement of floor tile, bathroom tile, kitchen tile, countertops, and more.

What can The Grout Medic do to bring your grout back to life? We offer grout sealing, grout cleaning, grout removal, and use a grout cleaner system relying on an exclusive vapor technology and a long-lasting grout sealer to top things off.

Why can’t I just do my grout cleaning with a mop?

Grout cleaning using a mop is ineffective because the grout cleaner is not completely rinsed or removed and becomes a dirt magnet. Our professionals use only green products for steam cleaning grout, grout repair, color restoration, stain removal, tile cleaning, and tile repair. For truly effective grout care, leave it to the professionals at The Grout Medic.

The professional grout cleaners at The Grout Medic won’t leave cleaner in the pores of the grout like mopping does. We offer:

  • Grout cleaning
  • Grout removal
  • Regrouting
  • Green products
  • Tile cleaning and tile repair

Clean your grout the right way and restore its natural beauty in the process.

At The Grout Medic, our vapor technology grout cleaning system digs deep into the pores of grout for true deep cleaning. Our grout technicians are trained and certified, and also perform grout removal, regrouting, tile cleaning, and tile repair using green products. It’s no wonder our restoration procedures are seen as a leading solution in the grout and tile services market.

Our comprehensive restoration services include grout cleaning, grout repair, steam cleaning grout, and grout removal of grout. Our grout cleaner is a low pressure/vapor technology system designed for maximum effectiveness in restoring your grout’s beauty.

Does your company count grout repair among its services?

We do offer grout repair, along with a host of other services including grout removal, regrouting, grout and using our long lasting grout sealer, tile cleaning including steam cleaning tile, tile repair, and more. Our reputation as a grout cleaning and restoration company is unsurpassed. Learn more about The Grout Medic today.

Look to the experts at The Grout Medic for all your grout repair needs. Our sought after restoration goods and services include:

  • Grout removal
  • Grout sealer
  • Grout cleaner
  • Tile cleaning and repair
  • Steam cleaning tile

No matter what condition your grout is in we can help to bring back its original quality.

Our company has been recognized for its comprehensive approach as a grout cleaner and also offers grout repair, grout removal, and a long-lasting grout sealer. Those looking to further restore their flooring should know that we also offer services that include tile cleaning, steam cleaning tile, and tile repair.

What form of grout repair can The Grout Medic prescribe for your grout or tile? Regrouting, grout removal, a low pressure/hot steam vapor technology procedure, water grout cleaner system, and our clear-breathing penetrating type grout sealer are among our many cures.

When regrouting, does the existing grout need to be removed?

Regrouting tiles requires removing existing grout. Grout adheres to the raw edge or bisque of the tile which requires the old grout to be removed prior to the new grout being applied.  When we regrout installations using non-sanded grout you can expect it to last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance before the product will begin to break down. We are experts at using epoxy grout, which dries 100 percent solid.   We are also experts at steam cleaning tile including kitchen floor tile, bathroom tile, marble, and more. Learn more about the services available at The Grout Medic.

The Grout Medic can help those looking to regrout ceramic tile. Our services include:

  • Regrouting tiles
  • Steam cleaning tile
  • Cleaning and restoring kitchen floor and bathroom tile
  • Cleaning marble and more

When it comes to regrouting tiles, our experienced professionals are right for the job. We’ll remove the existing grout and regrout ceramic tile for a fresh and new effect. Make your kitchen floor tile, bathroom tile, marble, and more look great by employing our steam cleaning tile experts. Count on the best in service and results backed by a national brand you can trust: The Grout Medic.

Choose The Grout Medic when it comes to regrouting tiles. We can regrout ceramic tile using epoxy grout and put our grout cleaner system to work for you to keep your grout looking like new. Let us replace your existing grout and tile, and give your flooring a brand new look.

Does your company offer tile cleaning and other tile related services?

We offer ceramic tile cleaning, floor tile cleaning, and kitchen tile and bathroom tile cleaning using only green procedures and vapor technology. We can also clean marble and slate, and we repair and replace. Our grout cleaning system and grout sealer will bring your grout back from life support and have it looking like new. Learn more about The Grout Medic today.

At The Grout Medic we’ve got the tools to restore your tile flooring. Our services include:

  • Ceramic tile cleaning using only green procedures and vapor technology
  • Bathroom tile cleaning
  • Floor tile cleaning
  • Tile replacement

Let us replace tile for you, or clean your kitchen tile or slate. Trust your flooring needs to The Grout Medic.

Although our name is The Grout Medic, we can resuscitate tile as well. Look to us for floor tile cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, kitchen tile, slate, and bathroom tile cleaning, and more. How much more? Well, we also offer tile replacement and we do all our cleaning using only nontoxic green procedures and vapor technology, which cleans and disinfects.

Bathroom tile cleaning, floor tile cleaning, and ceramic tile cleaning are all part of what we offer at The Grout Medic. Ask also about our grout cleaning system and our long-lasting grout sealer.

Are your technicians proficient at sealing tile grout?

Sealing tile grout is something we do well. Our tile and grout sealing is built to last and designed for stain resistance. In addition to sealing ceramic tile we are experts at regrouting tile, steam cleaning tile, tile repair, and tile replacement. Learn why many of the country’s leading tile and grout manufacturers look to us as their aftercare expert of choice.

Sealing Ceramic tile is something we do well at The Grout Medic. Look to us for:

  • Sealing tile grout
  • Regrouting tile
  • Steam cleaning tile
  • Tile repair and tile replacement

If you’re in need of professional tile and grout sealing look to the certified technicians of The Grout Medic.

Tile and grout sealing is an important job. Count on us not only for sealing tile grout but also for steam cleaning tile, regrouting tile, tile repair, and tile replacement. If the job requires sealing ceramic tile, the prescription is a visit from The Grout Medic.

Our grout sealer is rated as a 20-year sealer, and our technicians are experts at tile and grout sealing. From sealing ceramic tile to grout cleaning, our restoration services are lauded in our industry. Choose the right name when it comes to sealing tile grout: The Grout Medic.

Do you offer tile replacement in addition to restoration?

We offer tile replacement in addition to grout cleaning and grout repair, steam cleaning, regrouting, sealing tile, grout sealer, and more. We are experts at replacing floor tile and replacing ceramic tile in particular, and can quite literally bring your flooring back to life. When you replace tiles with something new you’ll be giving your entire home or office a new lease on life.

Replacing floor tile is part of what we do at The Grout Medic. Our products and services include:

  • Replacing ceramic tile
  • Tile replacement
  • Wall board replacement
  • Water damage
  • Regrouting
  • Steam cleaning
  • Grout sealer

Let us replace tiles in your home or business, and see what a difference it can make.

Our technicians are trained and certified to replace tiles in any home or business. Replacing ceramic tile is a great way to restore the original beauty of your flooring. In addition to replacing floor tile The Grout Medic also offers regrouting, grout sealer, sealing tile, and steam cleaning. Put our experts at tile replacement to work for you today.

Although we’re best known for grout cleaning and grout repair, we’re no slouches at replacing ceramic tile either. We can replace tiles of all kinds, and offer quick and professional tile replacement that will have you marveling at the condition of your flooring in no time. Replacing floor tile is just one of the services for which we are known at The Grout Medic.

What types of tile repair do you do?

We do tile repair and tile cleaning for kitchen floor tile and bathroom tile. Our products and services also include grout cleaning and grout sealing in addition to sealing tile and steam cleaning tile. There is a reason The Grout Medic is a go-to name among the country’s tile and grout manufacturers. Let us help you today.

Schedule an appointment with The Grout Medic for your tile repair. We offer all kinds of healing services for your tile and grout including:

  • Tile cleaning for kitchen floor tile, bathroom tile, and countertops
  • Tile Replacement
  • Water damage
  • Wall board replacement
  • Steam cleaning tile

Learn more about our comprehensive tile and grout restoration services.

There are many ways The Grout Medic can restore your tile. These include tile cleaning for kitchen floor tile and bathroom tile, tile repair, and steam cleaning tile. Expect the best in service and results when you consult with The Grout Medic.

Our professional grout sealers and grout cleaners are equally adept at tile replacement. Look to The Grout Medic to replace damaged tiles and walls as well as for jobs that include tile cleaning, steam cleaning tile, and sealing tile.

Can you steam clean floor tile?

We can steam clean floor tile for you including steam cleaning grout. When you steam clean tile your flooring will look like new again. In addition to grout cleaning and tile cleaning we offer a host of restoration services, including regrouting, grout repair, and grout sealer using only green products. When it comes to steam cleaning tile and more, let The Grout Medic help you.

Let our experts steam clean tile in your home or office. The Grout Medic offers the following services:

  • Steam cleaning tile
  • Steam cleaning grout
  • Regrouting
  • Grout sealer
  • Grout repair
  • Green products

Learn more about how we can steam clean floor tile back to life!

Steam cleaning tile is an important part of what we do, as is steam cleaning grout, regrouting, and grout repair. We steam clean tile using only green products. Let The Grout Medic offer up the right prescription and steam clean floor tile in your home today.

When you steam clean floor tile you’re engaging a more effective and less stressful way of cleaning your tile. In other words when it comes to grout cleaning and tile cleaning, steam cleaning tile and steam cleaning grout is the way to go. Steam clean floor tile the right way: by leaving it to The Grout Medic.


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