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Transform Tiled Surfaces with The Grout Medic in Northern Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh also referred to as the Steel City and the City of Bridges, has a lot to offer not just for those in the steel industry. It is also one of the top sources of manufactured glass, aluminum, and petroleum. Pittsburgh, along with the northern suburbs, is an excellent place for those looking for a corporate job.

Technology firms are all over the area, and Pittsburg also has almost 70 colleges and universities, including the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. In 2015, a magazine/newspaper listed Pittsburgh as one of the most livable cities in the whole world.

If you live in Northern Pittsburgh, you’re in luck. The Grout Medic offers cleaning services for grout and tile so you can focus on other things to do while our experts take care of the exhausting task.

Professionals in Northern Pittsburgh Deserve the Best Grout Cleaning Service

Many of the areas in Northern Pittsburgh are in transition. It is a place for everyone who is searching for a comfortable place to live. Many of the communities here provide access to major roads and shops among others. There are also plenty of housing options from newly constructed buildings to older houses.

To make sure that your new or existing home is free from problems, you need to take care of everything, including little things. If you think that after installing the tiles, you will not have issues with them, you are entirely wrong.
Thankfully, The Grout Medic is here to assist you to ensure your home or office in Northern Pittsburgh will continue to have sturdy tile and grout.

The Grout Medic for Renewed Tile Beauty

If your tile and grout no longer make you confident as you invite your friends or business associates over, you should undoubtedly trust your instinct. We always recommend that houses and companies opt for quality service when it comes to tile and grout cleaning.

Even business experts do not know that the number one cause of old-looking grout lines is cleaning it regularly. It may sound ironic but mopping the floor almost daily will only make things worse. Grout is extremely porous, and therefore it will soak up the liquids it comes in contact with. Often, the dirty water in the bucket will darken the grout as you maneuver the mop from one place to another.

The Grout Medic offers various solutions for your tile and grout – even if they are already discolored. Depending on your situation, we may suggest that we remove it and replace or reinstall a new one. We can also clean it using our dependable cleaning system that will safely and effectively get rid of the stain. If you wish, we can provide you with our grout color sealing service if it is necessary.

No matter what your situation, The Grout Medic can remedy the grout and tile problem in no time. Whether you need grout reinstallation, color sealing, or thorough cleaning service, you can always turn to us for your home or business in Northern Pittsburgh.

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Owner: Ed & Beth Macabobby

3514 E. Western Reserve Rd, Poland, OH 44514


For those who live in the Greater Northern Pittsburgh region, including areas such as Castle Shannon, Etna, and Emsworth, The Grout Medic is the company for everyone’s grout and tile service needs. Don’t wait any longer! Call our team today for a free estimate.

There are many benefits of contracting The Grout Medic for all your tile and grout cleaning needs in Northern Pittsburgh. Whether you’re looking into buying, selling, or just trying spruce up your property, we can help you to make your tile and grout shine as it did the day it was first put in.

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